Multiple matching, 1

lakes1.gifRead the text below and decide which answer A,B,C or D best fits each gap. There is an example at the beginning (0)
EXAMPLE: 0 A arrived   B came   C got   D reached

Lake Malawi

When David Livingstone (0)_A__ in this part of Africa in the 1850s he asked the name of the great stretch of (1)___ water. He was told it was called “nyasa”, whic means “lake”. So the lake became (2)___ as Lake Nyasa (Lake Lake) and the country as Nyasaland. When the country became independent in 1964 the new Republic chose the name of Malawi.

Lake Malawi (3)___ nearly 24,000 square kilometres , about one-fifth of the total (4)___ of the Republic of Malawi. The lake (5)___ 473 metres above sea (6)___ in the deep valley which stretches the length of the country. Wide grassy plains (7)___ the valley on both sides and the (8)___ round the lake is spectacular. The water is fresh and there are no tides or currents. The lake contains over 220 varieties of fish, the (9)___ of which are not found anywhere else in the world. There are also crocodiles, but these generally keep away from (10)___ areas.

Lake Malawi has a constantly changing character (11)___ on the time of the day, the weather and the (12)___ . One moment the water may be as (13)___ as silk and then suddenly waves seven metres high can beat against the (14)___ . It is generally calmest from March to May, and the temperature never (15)___ below 21°C. The area has a particularly low annual rainfall.

  1. A inland             B inner            C interior        D internal
  2. A called             B considered   C known         D named
  3. A contains         B covers          C crosses        D includes
  4. A district           B region           C territory     D state
  5. A exists             B lays              C lies                D rests
  6. A height            B level             C position        D surface
  7. A overcome      B overflow     C overlook       D overtake
  8. A environment B scenery       C sight             D vision
  9. A chief               B majority      C rest               D whole
  10. A inhabited       B lived            C lodged           D occupied
  11. A based          B counting     C depending   D determined
  12. A occasion      B period          C season           D term
  13. A even            B flat               C smooth          D steady
  14. A banks          B borders       C coasts            D shores
  15. A decreases   B depresses    C drops            D lowers

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