Gap Filling 2

owl.jpgComplete this text. Use only one word in each gap. There is an example at the beginning (0)

Are you a lark or an owl?

Do you read the newspaper (0) while you have breakfast? If you do then you (1)___________ be a `lark’, or morning type of person. `Owls’, or evening types, tend not to spend much time over breakfast. They (2)_______ little appetite then, and, (3)_______ they are usually late risers, they are short (4)_________ time anyway. Around half of the adult population are either morning (5)_____________ evening types; the rest fall somewhere (6)______the middle. (7)_________can be up to a twelve hour difference in the time of day when the two types reach the point when they are most alert and mentally at their (8)___________ . Larks tend to reach this point in the late morning, while owls (9)_________ it around 10 pm. For reasons (10)_______  are unknown, evening types tend to be more adaptable (11)________ morning types. For example, evening types can usually cope much better with shift work and jet lag, and (12)________ is easier for an evening type to become a morning type than the other way (13)_________ .

Are we born (14)__________ these differences or are they just formed (15)__________ habit? We don’t really know.

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