Gap filling, 3

gassprc.jpgComplete this text. Use only one word in each gap. There is an example at the beginning (0)

Restoring a famous garden

My garden at Compton Acres is less (0) than 70 years old. However, several important features had been allowed to fall into a very bad condition by the (1)_______ I bought the property. My first task has been to repair (2)__________ features. It (3)_______ become difficult to reach the places in the garden with the best views because so (4)_________ paths were in such poor condition. The Italian formal garden, for example, has always (5)________ many visitors, and as a result its paths were in a terrible state. But hundreds of metres of paths (6)________ recently been repaired. We also have done a (7)___________ of work on many of the garden’s wooden buildings. A major job was (8)_______ completely rebuild the roof of the Japanese summer house. We also (9)_________ the greenhouses to a more practical location. Work (10)_________ this is essential before you can get on (11)__________ the real business of gardening. I am not sure (12)_____ the visitors realise how much work of this (13)__________ is necessary. But I (14)________ thoroughly enjoying the job of returning the garden to (15)____ former glory.

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