Gap filling

canada.gifComplete this text. Use only one word in each gap. There is an example at the beginning (0)

Aboriginal peoples

Four groups of peoples -the Australian Aborigines, the Indians of North and South America, and the Bushmen of South Africa- are not often considered together, but they have certain things in common.
First, all four human groups were (0) the original inhabitants of their part (1)________ the world. (The word aborigine means the people (2)________ were there from the beginning). However , none thought that the land where they (3)___________ belonged to them. On the contrary, they felt that they belonged to the land. The land (4)_____ where they lived, along with all the (5)_______ creatures of nature.
They were hunters, so they had a detailed knowledge of the natural world around them. They knew (6)__________ animal and part of the landscape, and made stories, dances , pictures and songs (7)___________them.
(8)__________ people thought it was important to fit into their surroundings. They took (9)____________ place beside all other living things, and lived in balance (10)_____ them.
But then outsiders arrived and changed everything. At (11)_________ the original inhabitants welcomed the white people, (12)__________ them to find food and shelter in the new land. But they soon (13)__________ that the new people lived by a totally different set of beliefs. (14)________ example, unlike the original inhabitants, the newcomers thought that land was something which could be (15)__________ by one person or group, not shared by all.

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  1. adonis voutsinos Says:

    Where can I find the answers to ‘Caravanning in wales’ ,’Travel insurance’ , ‘Laughter’ and ‘shyness’ Gap Filling answers?

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