Multiple matching, 2

cosmetic.jpgRead the text below and decide which answer A,B,C or D best fits each gap. There is an example at the beginning (0)
EXAMPLE: 0  A choose   B decide   C select   D wish

 Cosmetic surgery

What makes someone (0)___ on plastic surgery? An actor explains: “I (1)___ after my father in appearance. His nose is big but mine was huge, and it got me (2)___ . I couldn’t (3)___ a normal life. At school, the other children (4)___ jokes about my nose, and I (5)___ stand seeing myself in television plays. I thought I looked like a monster! The nose caused health problems as well: because of its shape, I couldn’t breathe (6)___ , and I had a permanent (7)___ throat.
“The doctor (8)___ I should have an operation. I was nervous but my wife (9)___ me. The operation went well, but my whole face (10)___ afterwards and I had two terrible black eyes. I had to keep the bandage on my nose for a while and the (11)___ didn’t disappear for ages. It was months before I dared return to work.
“But I’m not (12)___ in the result. My breathing problems have (13)___ and I no longer feel self-conscious or (14)___ about my appearance. I only regret I didn’t go into the design of my nose in greater (15)___ . I chose a purely practical nose, but now I would rather have a more beautiful one. I suppose that sounds vain!”

  1. A ask                   B go             C look               D take
  2. A down               B off             C over              D through
  3. A direct              B lead          C produce        D spend
  4. A did                   B laughed    C made            D spoke
  5. A couldn’t          B didn’t       C shouldn’t      D wouldn’t
  6. A accurately     B exactly      C justly           D properly
  7. A hurt                B ill               C sick              D sore
  8. A advised          B persuaded C suggested   D told
  9. A encouraged   B moved    C recommended D relieved
  10. A ached            B harmed    C injured         D pained
  11. A bruises         B damages   C scratches     D sprains
  12. A disappointed  B disgusted C displeased  D dissatisfied
  13. A cleared up   B fallen through   C pased out    D set off
  14. A excited   B depressing   C disturbing   D embarrassed
  15. A detail        B feature       C part            D point

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