Multiple matching, 3

hrsedrwn.jpgRead the text below and decide which answer A,B,C or D best fits each gap. There is an example at the beginning (0)

EXAMPLE: 0 A along    B in     C past     D round

A unique way to see the world

The Grant family are travelling (0)__D_ the world by horse-drawn caravan. They have (1)___ Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia, more than 12,000 kilometres away from their standing point in Scotland. Four years ago they (2)___ their red and green wooden caravan to Holland, where they bought their first horse, Offy. The caravan is (3) __ large enough for David, his wife, Kate, and their three children, Torcuil, Fionn and Eilidh, and (4)___ things like the children’s school books. Offy (5)____ to pull them as far as France, where Traceur, a stronger horse, had to (6)___ .
Traceur can walk about 18 kilometres a day, but the (7)___ has not always turned (8)___ as the Grants planned. In Slovenia they became caught up in a civil war and the 14 days they had intended to (9)___ there became 14 months. Life in the (10)___ air has not always been easy. They have suffered (11)___ of cold
(-28°C) in Kazakhstan, and of heat in Mongolia’s grasslands. Fortunately the family have generally (12)___ in good health, although Eilidh broke her ankle in Italy and her arm in the Ukraine. Soon they will leave Ulan Bator and (13)___ for Beijing and then the Pacific (14)___ , where they will (15)___ a boat to Canada. It will be another two years before the family arrives back home.

  1. A arrived       B come       C got       D reached
  2. A conducted  B fetched   C led        D transported
  3. A neither       B rarely     C rather   D scarcely
  4. A essential     B main      C inavoidable     D urgent
  5. A achieved    B could      C managed      D succeeded
  6. A hold up      B pick up    C take off       D take over
  7. A excursion   B journey   C travel         D voyage
  8. A into           B on              C out              D up
  9. A fill             B occupy      C spend         D use
  10. A natural     B open         C outdoor      D outside
  11. A depths      B extremes   C heights      D limits
  12. A lasted      B mantained    C remained D rested
  13. A cross       B direct           C head           D travel
  14. A beach      B coast           C seaside       D shore
  15. A catch       B drive           C float            D ride

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