Gap filling, 11

Fill each of the blank spaces in the sentences below with a suitable word or phrase. There is an example at the beginning (0)

0 Even though / Although he was nearly seventy, he could still beat me at tennis.

1 You’re late! You __________________________here    half an hour ago.
2 Even if we had run all the way we still __________catch    the train.
3 ‘Cigarette?’
‘No, thank you. I ______________ two years ago’
4 Do you really ________________________so soon?    Can’t you stay just a little bit longer?
5 Sorry everyone. I’m going to have to go to bed. I’m just     _______________________staying up late.
6 My neighbour is ___________________________    people you could ever wish to meet.
7 Don’t park there! _________________________ get a    parking ticket
8 ‘Another cup of coffee?’
‘No, thanks. I __________________two cups already.’
9 Even if we’d caught a taxi, we still _____________ there    in time.
10 The weather was so bad that they decided __________     the barbecue.
11 ‘What _____________________a living?’
‘She’s an accountant’
12 I was only eighteen when I started working for Brown &     Company. So by June next year I __________ for them     for forty-five years.
13 What’s happened to Jake? I _____________since 1990
14 The holiday was a total disaster. I just wish _________      somewhere else.
15 My wife was staying with her mother in Scotland last      weekend, so you __________________________
have seen her in London.

click here to see some possible answers


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