Gap filling, 13

Read the text below and think of the word which best fits each space. Use only one word in each space. There is an example at the beginning (0)


Call me Mother

It was (0) their first wedding anniversary and to celebrate it Colin and his wife, Julie decided to go (1)_______ a meal at one of the (2)________expensive restaurants in town. They were (3)_______________ the romantic evening, gazing lovingly (4)_____________ each other’s eyes, when an elderly lady sitting alone made her way to the table.
‘I’m terribly sorry to (5)____________you’, she said, wiping away a tear. ‘But you look just (6)_________my son. He was killed in a car accident just over a year ago and I (7)__________ miss him terribly, I wonder if you’d (8)_____________ me a favour?’
The couple were very moved by the old lady and , feeling sorry (9)________her, agreed to help her if they could.
‘I wonder if, just as I’m leaving, you (10)___________ say “Goodbye , Mum” and wave me off? It could give me (11)______________ a thrill.’
‘Of course we will,’ the couple replied. ‘No problem.’ Well, (12)___________ could they possibly refuse?
The old lady thanked them and went back to her table. (13)_________ a short while, she picked up all her belongings and got up to leave.
‘Goodbye, Mum!’ shouted the couple with a big , theatrical wave as the old lady made her way slowly out (14)_______ the restaurant. ‘See you at the weekend,’ Colin added.
Feeling very pleased (15)____________they had made an old person happy, they finished their meal and asked for the (16)_________ . But after checking and rechecking it they sent for the manager, demanding to know (17)________ they had been overcharged by more than £40.
‘But that (18)___________ the charge for the lady’s meal,’ the manager explained. ‘She said her son would pay.’

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