Gap Filling, 12

Read through the following newspaper article and then choose the best phrase given below to fill each of the gaps. Write one letter (a-p). Not all the phrases will be used.


Smoking ‘will kill one million young people’

Prolonged smoking will kill around one million British teenagers and children in middle age (1)____ , says a report published yesterday.

A further one million will die of tobacco-related diseases in old age, (2)___ at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund and the World Health Organization. On present trends , 4-5 million young Britons (3)___ .

Professor Richard Peto, of the ICRF, said that worldwide somebody (4)___ which was already killing three million people each year, and the number was increasing.

‘In most countries (5)___ . If current smoking patterns persist, then by the time the young smokers of today (6)___ there will be about ten million deaths a year from tobacco – one evey three seconds. Furthermore, young people continue to see misleading portrayals (7)___ . It tells them that lighting up is acceptable. It is no surprise therefore that 90 per cent of smokers start when young.’

He argued that (8)___ about the effects of prolonged smoking, because of the very long delay between cause and effect. The risk came decades later.

‘If cigarette smokers start young and don’t stop, about half will be killed by tobacco.’ This means that the developing countries (9)___ , said Professor Peto.

Dr Alan Lopez of the World Health Organization in Geneva, added: ‘The WHO has called on governments everywhere to protect children from (10)___ . The sooner the tobacco advertising is banned, the more lives will be saved.’

Professor Sir Richard Doll – one of the two people (11)___ forty years ago – urged the Government to increase tax on cigarettes and ban advertising.

It is quite incredible they don’t do it. Here you have something that (12)___ and people are being encouraged to do it. It is immoral, there is no other word for it.’

a  of smoking as romantic and sporting

b  who proved the link between smoking and lung cancer

c  there has been widespread misunderstanding

d  there has been little notice paid

e  if current patterns continue

f  is killing one sixth of the population prematurely

g  are sitting on a time bomb

h  the worst is yet to come

i  it is both cruel and deadly

j  according to the report by scientists

k  the advertising and promotion of tobacco

l  died every ten seconds through smoking

m  will probably kill millions of young people

n  reach middle or old age

o  will become regular smokers

p  refusal to ban tobacco advertising

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