Gap filling, 14

Fill in the missing prepositions (or adverb particles) in the following passage. There is an example at the beginning (0).


The Curse of Tutankhamun

Most people scoff (0) at the idea of curses coming true, but the events that followed the opening (1)___ Tutankhamun’s tomb (2)______ Howard Carter (3)______ 1922 may make them think twice (4)______ laughing.
The story (5)_____ the curse began when the last man climbed out (6)____ the tomb. It is said that a sudden sandstorm blew (7)______ and that the men (8)_____ the party saw a hawk, the ancient royal symbol (9)____ Egypt, fly overhead.
Local Egyptians took this to mean that the spirit (10)___the dead king had left his tomb, cursing those who had opened it. Five months later, the man who financed the expedition, Lord Carnarvon, was bitten (11)____ the cheek (12)____ a mosquito. Normally nothing too serious! But the bite became infected and Carnarvon caught pneumonia and died (13)____ an Egyptian hospital.
(14) ____ the precise moment (15)_____ his death all the lights (16)_____ Cairo went (17)______ and thousands (18)______ miles away (19) ______ the Carnarvon mansion (20)____ Hampshire, England, his dog began to howl – and died (21)_______ the night. Doctors who examined the mummified body (22)______ Tutankhamun reported that he had a small depression (23)_____ his cheek, just like a mosquito bite, (24)______ exactly the same spot where Carnarvon had been bitten.
Many people who visited the tomb also died (25)____ strange circumstances. Lord Carnarvon’s half-brother died (26)_____ a burst appendix. An Egyptian prince whose family claimed descent (27)____ the pharaohs was murdered (28)______ London and his brother commited suicide. An American railway tycoon caught a cold while (29)________ the tomb and died (30)______ pneumonia.
The man who helped Howard Carter to catalogue the items found (31)____ the tomb commited suicide, and a few months later his father jumped (32)_____ his death (33)_____ the balcony (34)____ his London flat. There was an alabaster vase (35)______ the tomb (36) ______the room that he jumped (37)______
(38)_____ 1966 the governement (39)____ Egypt agreed to lend the treasures (40)_______France (41)_______ an important exhibition. The Director (42)______ Antiquities fought (43)______the decision, because he had dreamed that he would die if he allowed the treasures to go (44)____________ (two words) Egypt. When he left the last meeting, still trying to make the authorities change their minds, he was knocked down (45)____ a car and died two days later.
And Howard Carter who was the first man (46)_____ the tomb? He died -(47)_____ natural causes – (48) ______ 1939.

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