Gap filling, 6

Read the sentences below and think of the word which best fits each space. Use only one word in each space (in this case negative contractions count as one word). There is an example at the beginning (0)

0 I need some milk. I haven’t got any left.

  1. It’s _______easier to learn to play the guitar ______ a teacher ______ by trying to teach yourself.
  2. She has ______ living in Brighton ______ 1991
  3. ______he first lived in Italy it took him a long time to get _______ to driving ______the right
  4. ‘How ________do you go jogging?’ ‘Oh, about once ______week.’
  5. Peter doesn’t sing ______well as his brother, but he’s a much ______keyboard player.
  6. Sally ______ come with us tonight _______she’s got a cold.
  7. I______ learning French five years ______,but I’ve ______ got a lot to learn.
  8. I haven’t smoked _____ten years. In fact, I can’t really remember what a cigarette tastes ______
  9. ‘Is that red Volvo_______________? ‘No, it’s _______mine. I ______drive’
  10. I’m ______to get a job in television when I ______university.
  11. ‘How______does it take to ______ to London?’ ‘About twenty minutes ________car’
  12. _______ was a Bank Holiday yesterday so, as usual, ______were lots of cars on the roads.
  13. He’s been decorating the kitchen ______last week and still hasn’t finished it _______
  14. Which bus ______ you catch home ______night?
  15. In Britain, it is ______ cheaper to go by bus ______ to go by train
  16. ______ of them live in Wales but ______ one of them speaks Welsh.
  17. How ______ people ______there at the meeting last night?
  18. ‘______’s the time please?’ ‘It’s ___________three o’clock’
  19. ‘Did you__________anything interesting yesterday? ‘No, not ______ . I just ______some shopping in the afternoon, that’s _______’
  20. You will ______ to work much harder ______ you’re going to pass your exam ______ the summer.
  21. ‘Have you ever ______ to London before?’ ‘No, this ________my first visit.’
  22. She moved to Belgium two years ______ and has been living and working ______ ever since.
  23. We didn’t know that our flight ______ be delayed. We ______ to wait in the Departure Lounge for ______ than three hours.
  24. You ______ have seen Mary in London yesterday. She’s been in Canada ______ the past month.

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    That kind of IRRESPONSIBILITY is unacceptable if you dont remove that picture in *My new pet* I am reporting this to the police

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