Gap filling, 5

In the following sentences put in a, an or the, but only where necessary.

  1. ____ Isle of Wight is ______ island off ______ south coast of ______England.
  2. Would you like to see ______picture of ______ village I lived in when I was ______child?
  3. ____ President of ____ United States lives in ____ White House in ____Washington D.C.
  4. ______Nelson’s Column is in ______ Trafalgar Square, quite near ______ National Gallery.
  5. Her brother is ______ musician . He plays ______flute in ______ orchestra. He has been doing this since he left ______ school at ______ age of eighteen.
  6. ______ Doctor Williams works in ______ large hospital in ______ Norht Wales, not far from ______Town Hall
  7. Shall we go for ______ walk in ______ Hyde Park this afternoon or shall we go and see ________ Van Gogh exhibition at ______Tate Gallery instead?
  8. ‘Do British people shake ______ hands when they meet?’ ‘Yes, sometimes, but not as often as ______Swedes do’
  9. What ______ awful weather! I thought you said ______ French Riviera was always hot and sunny . ______rain and storms of ______ past few days are more typical of ______ Britain than ______ Mediterranean
  10. My sister lives in ______ old house in ______ Gloucester Place. She’s got ______ small flat there on ______ top floor.

click here to see the right answers


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