Gap filling, 7

Put the verbs in brackets in the passage below into the correct tenses. There is an example at the beginning (0)


The Car Thief

My cousin and her husband live in Hanwell, one of the suburbs of London. One morning they (0) woke up (wake up) to find to their dismay that their car (1)_______(steal) from outside their house. They immediately ______(phone) the police to report the theft, before (3)__________(leave) for work by bus.
When they (4)___________(return) home later the same day, they (5)____________ (find) to their surprise that their car (6) _________(bring back) and was parked in its usual place outside their house. Under one of the windscreen wipers (7)________(be) a small envelope.
They quickly (8)________ (open) it and (9)______(find) a note (10) _______ (apologize) for ‘borrowing’ their car. The man who (11)________(write) it explained that he (12) _____ (not have) a car himself, and his wife (13) ____ (go) into labour in the middle of the night with their first baby. So he (14) ______ (hope) they (15)__________ (not mind) too much that he (16) _______ (take) their car without their permission in order to run her to the hospital, as it was something of an emergency.
By way of compensation, he (17) ___________ (enclose) two tickets for the West End show Sunset Boulevard on Saturday evening. They (18) _______ (be) both delighted as they loved Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music and (19) ____ (try) for ages to get tickets to this particular musical.
It was a perfect evening. They (20) ________ (have) front row seats and the show itself was every bit as good as they (21)_________ (expect) . They (22) ______ (be) in such a good mood after it that they (23) ______ (decide) to go for a meal at their favourite Italian restaurant. When they eventually (24) ______ (get) home just after midnight, a new shock (25)________ (await) them. While they were away, their house (26)________ (burgle)! Everything of value (27) _________(steal). They (28) ______(know) immediately who the thief was because (29) ______(lie) on the kitchen was a note in handwriting they (30) ____ (recognize) , (31)_________(say) : HOPE YOU _______(enjoy) THE SHOW!

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