Gap filling, 8

Fill each of the blank spaces in the sentences below with a suitable word or phrase. There is an example at the beginning (0).

0 ‘How much are………..the apples?’
‘Eighty pence a kilo’

  1. If _______________Paula at the meeting, remind her to phone me tonight.
  2. ‘_________________from here to the station?   ‘No, it’s only a ten minute walk’
  3. It’s Kevin’s party at the weekend. ___________________________________to it?
  4. According to his instructions, we _____________ left at the next set of traffic lights.
  5. ______________________________harder, you won’t pass your exams in the summer.
  6. When she first moved to Britain from the States it took her quite a while to ___________________driving on the left.
  7. We’d better leave now because it _______________ at least half an hour to get there.
  8. I’m sorry. I _____________________________ you weren’t allowed to smoke in here.
  9. ‘I’m at least a kilo overweight.’           ‘Then you_____ __________go on a diet’
  10. ‘How long ___________________________ short hair?’ ‘Since I joined the army’
  11. ‘Are you Swedish?’ ‘No, _____________Norway.’
  12. What__________________if you won £1 million?
  13. That’s a nice car. It __________her a lot of money.
  14. It might rain later on , so ________________an umbrella with you
  15. You ___________________________smoke in here. It’s not allowed.

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