Multiple matching, 5

london-tea-centre.jpegFor Questions 1-15, read the text below and decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each space. There is an example at the beginning (0).
Mark your answers on the separate answer sheet.
Example: 0 A bank    B border     C shore     D coast


The London Tea Trade Centre is on the north (0) ..A… of the River Thames. It is the centre of an industry of (1) ….. importance in the (2) ….. lives of the British. Tea is without (3) ….. the British national drink: every man, woman and child over ten years of age has (4) ….. average over four
cups a day or some 1500 cups annually. Some thirty per cent of the world’s exports of tea makes its (5) ….. to London. Britain is (6) ….. the largest importer of tea in the world.
Samples of the vast amounts of tea brought into the country to (7) ….. the national thirst go to the London Tea Trade Centre, where they are tasted by (8) ….. professional tea tasters before being sold at each week’s tea sale. It is fascinating to see them at (9) ….. . Over a hundred samples are (10) ….. in a line on long tables. Teas are generally tasted with milk, (11) ….. that is how the majority in Britain drink their tea. The tasters move down the line with surprising (12) ….. , tasting each sample from a spoon and deciding what is a (13) ….. price for each tea.
The types of tea that are popular in Britain are (14) ….. inexpensive but they are of a very high quality. The best are delicate (15) ….. of numerous teas from different sources and countries of origin.

1 A high                B wide             C great               D large

2 A common        B typical         C everyday        D usual

3 A doubt             B dispute       C disbelief           D uncertainty

4 A for                  B by                C at                      D on

5 A route              B way             C direction          D journey

6 A considerably B by far          C largely             D by much

7 A satisfy            B match          C answer            D serve

8 A effective        B skilled          C developed       D handy

9 A action             B operation    C practice           D work

10 A composed    B put up         C settled             D laid out

11 A out of            B since            C so                     D owing to

12 A speed           B hurry           C rush                 D dash

13 A fine               B right             C fair                   D deserved

14 A roughly    B comparatively    C slightly  D approximately

15 A mixtures   B associations      C unions    D gatherings

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