Collocations, 2

 Complete the sentences below with a suitable verb, using either the infinitive (to buy, to come, etc) or the -ing form (buying, coming, etc). Choose from the following and use each verb once only. There are two examples at the beginning (0 and 00).

be     hurt     pass     stay     think     buy     leave     play
take     walk     come     like     save     talk     want     get
live     see     teach     win     give     meet

0   Remember to buy some milk on your way home       tonight.
00 I’m busy at the moment. Would you mind coming back       later?

1 I’m sorry, Joe. I didn’t mean __________your feelings.
2 When she was a child, her parents wouldn’t allow her    _______________in the street.
3 There must be something wrong with Simon. He keeps     _______________ he’s being followed by M15.
4 As they’d received a bomb threat, the police ordered    everyone _________________the building.
5 What with inflation and everything, it’s just not worth    ____________________nowadays.
6 I remember _______________ to be a pop star when I    was a child.
7 Don’t pretend _________________ jazz. I know you    hate it really.
8 ‘Mary hasn’t got a car. Would you mind __________ her    a lift?’
‘No, not at all.’
9 I really enjoy going to parties and ________ new people.
10 Her parents were very strict and wouldn’t allow her      __________________out later than 10.30 at night.
11 Parents usually warn their children against __________      to strangers.
12 I never go swimming because I dislike _____________      my hair wet.
13 I agreed _______________ her English if she helped      me with my Spanish.
14 It was a very tough match, but in the end England       managed _____________ by two goals to one.
15 He suggested _______________ a taxi to the station.
16 The film star disguised herself to avoid _____________      recognized
17 Would you dare _____________ through a graveyard      on your own at night?
18 She was very upset when she failed ______________      her driving test.
19 He wasn’t happy with his room so he demanded       ____________________the manager
20 It’s hard to imagine ____________without television,       isn’t it? What on earth would you do in the evenings?

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