Collocations, 1

Complete the sentences below with a suitable adjective plus a preposition. Choose from the following. Some of the prepositions will be used more than once.

absent    fond    jealous     satisfied      absorbed      friendly     keen      serious      cruel      good      proud short    eligible      grateful      responsible      similar famous          ill        rich        terrified
about    from    of     to    at      in      on       with      for

  1. Both my dogs are very__________________ice cream.
  2. I’ve been ___________________a cold for over a week.
  3. For the last time who is _________________this mess?
  4. You’re not ________________leaving this country and going to live in China, are you?
  5. I’ve always been ____________________ water since I nearly drowned as a child.
  6. Mark’s been __________school for over a month. He’ll have a lot of catching up to do when he comes back.
  7. I’m afraid only single people under the age of thirty are ___________________membership of this club
  8. Julie’s my oldest friend. We’ve been _________one another since we were at Primary school
  9. Our daughter has just won a scholarship to Cambridge. We are very ________________her.
  10. Australia is __________________natural resources
  11. Could I phone you later, Alan? I’m a bit _________ time right now.
  12. He was so ______________________what he was doing that he didn’t notice me come into the room.
  13. Switzerland is ________its beautiful scenery.
  14. My cousin is very ______________music and can play four or five instruments
  15. I like ballet but I’m not very _________opera
  16. There’s no pleasing our teacher. He’s never ______ our work!
  17. She is ________in character ________her sister
  18. We are __________________________ you for all you’ve done for us
  19. Michael was_________ his brother’s success.
  20. Small children are often _______________ animals without realizing it.

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