Collocations, 3

Complete the sentences below with a suitable verb plus a preposition. Choose from the following and make any necessary changes. Some of the prepositions will be used more than once.

apologize      compliment      protect      succeed arrive      feel      sorry      rely      suffer
believe      insure      remind      think      care      lose share      charge     translate      prefer      smell      write

about      by      in      on      against      for      into      to
among      from      of      with      at

  1. You should always ______your home________fire.
  2. ‘Does Peter ________you_______Michael Jackson?’ ‘No, he doesn’t look anything like him.’
  3. If I were you Julie I’d ________ very carefully _______ his offer. I don’t think you’ll get a better one.
  4. She made the children _______________their bad behaviour at the party.
  5. The man was arrested and ____________ murder.
  6. Don’t forget to wear a scarf. It will _____ you____the cold.
  7. After three attempts she finally _______________ breaking the world record.
  8. Hamlet was ___________________Shakespeare.
  9. ‘Does Mark really _______________flying saucers?’ ‘Oh yes, he’s quite convinced they exist’
  10. The mother told the group of children to _________ the sweets _____________ themselves.
  11. She felt really pleased when her teacher __________ her __________ her homework.
  12. It was largely my fault that we ___________ tennis. I played so badly.
  13. We left Heathrow airport at 16.45 and ___________ Copenhagen at 19.30.
  14. Although she had only painted the kitchen, the whole flat ________________________paint.
  15. My sister _____________hay fever every summer.
  16. I really _____________________ people who are tone deaf. It must be awful not to be able to sing
  17. ‘Would you ______________________ another piece of cake, Frank?’ ‘No thanks, Jill. I really couldn’t eat another thing.’
  18. Most young people _____ pop music ______ classical music.
  19. Ask Mike to do it. You can ________________him. He never lets you down.
  20. This book has been _______________________ five languages, including Russian

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  1. Huyền Rùa Says:

    lời giải đâu chả thấy!

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