Extra word, 3

Read the text below and look carefully at each line. Some of the lines are correct, and some have a word
missing. If a line is correct put a tick (3) after it. If a line has a missing word, use a stroke (/) to show where a word has been left out, and on the right suggest what the missing word might be. There are two examples at the beginning (0 and 00)

An Embarrassing moment

0 It happens to everyone sooner or later; that OK
00 dreaded moment when you say or do / that makes

__ something__

  1. you so embarrassed that you wish a big hole __________
  2. appear in the ground down which you could __________
  3. disappear. One of most embarrasing moments __________
  4. happened when I was just twenty-two and living __________
  5. in Eastbourne. I gone for an interview for a job __________
  6. as receptionist in a large hotel in Brighton. __________
  7. I had driven there and, because of the traffic __________
  8. and the difficulty finding the hotel, I was  __________
  9. slightly late. I had just reached the hotel car and __________
  10. was about to reverse into a parking space a man __________
  11. in a big, white Jaguar car drove into it. This made __________
  12. me really so I wound down the window and __________
  13. shouted and swore him. But he just ignored me __________
  14. and walked away, of course made me even __________
  15. madder. To add to my difficulties, it was summer __________
  16. the car park was full so I had to wait another five __________
  17. minutes or so before I find an empty parking __________
  18. square. This time I was over a quarter of an hour __________
  19. late for the interview, so I rushed to the   __________
  20. manager’s office, knocked the door and walked in __________
  21. The manager was a man was sitting behind his __________
  22. desk. When he looked up I died – it was the same __________
  23. man that I had shouted and sworn at the car __________
  24. park – the one who had taken my parking space! __________
  25. Happily, we both saw funny side of things and I __________
  26. ended up the job, but only on one condition – that __________
  27. I promised to shout and swear at the guests! __________

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