Multiple matching, 6

Read through the sentences below, then decide which answer a, b, c or d best fits each space. there is an example at the beginning (0)

0 The best man_______ the side of his glass lightly with a    knife to get the guests’ attention.

a rapped     b tapped     c hit     d beat

1 The driver _________ to avoid hitting the dog.

a turned     b swerved      c curved      d steered

2 The police ________ him for burglary

a arrested     b charged      c convicted      d accused

3 Many people ___ about the bad behaviour of soccer fans in the town centre after the match
a criticized     b disapproved     c complained     d objected

4 I can’t wear red. It just doesn’t ___ me.

a fit      b suit      c match       d agree with

5 His parents wouldn’t ___ him stay out later than 10.30 at night.

a allow       b permit       c agree to       d let

6 The train was ___ for several hours because of floods.

a prevented      b delayed      c detained       d cancelled

7 After a lot of difficulty he finally ___ to start the car
a succeeded      b coped      c managed      d worked out

8 The manager asked her to ___ with the complaint.

a take care       b attend       c deal        d follow

9 She ___ on a banana skin and almost fell down the steps
a slipped     b stumbled      c tripped      d lost her balance

10 Most library books in the UK are ___ using the Dewey decimal system.

a sorted     b categorized     c graded      d classified

11 Are you ____ in applying for the post as assistant manager?

a keen      b interested      c enthusiastic      d eager

12 My father hates any sort of change. He is very ___ in his ways

a fixed       b set       c old-fashioned       d stubborn

13 You’ll have to speak up. My aunt is very ___ of hearing.

a difficult       b unsure       c hard       d bad

14 ‘Could you lend me some money till the end of the week?’
‘Sorry, John, I’m a bit ___ of cash myself at the moment.’

a short      b hard up       c scarce      d low

15 My uncle lost his leg in a car accident and now has __ one.
a synthetic     b an artificial      c a false      d an imitation

16 The police made a ___ search of the building after being tipped off that a bomb had been planted there
a thorough      b conscientious       c close       d scrupulous

17 He was two kilos ____ , so he decided to go on a diet.

a fat       b heavy       c too large       d overweight

18 The back door needs oiling. It’s very ___

a shrill       b high-pitched       c squeaky       d creaking

19 I’d better iron this shirt – it’s very ___

a wrinkled       b lined       c squashed       d creased

20 According to statistics, drivers over the age of fifty have ___ accidents than drivers under twenty-five

a smaller       b less       c fewer       d lower

 click here to see the answers


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