Multiple matching, 7

Fill in the missing question words below, some of which begin with a preposition. Then choose the correct answer to the question a , b or c. There is an example at the beginning.
0 When did the first man land on the moon?

a in 1968           b in 1969           c in 1970

1 _____________were the 1960 Olympic Games held?

a in Rome      b in Tokyo      c in Melbourne

2 _____ name was the African state of Namibia formerly known?

a Rhodesia      b the Congo      c South West Africa

3 ________________ is Dutch Elm disease so called?
a because it is only found in Holland
b because it was first discovered in Holland
c after the Dutch workers who discovered its cause

4 _______ section of the orchestra does the ‘tuba’ belong?

a Percussion      b Brass       c Woodwind

5 John f. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. _____________did the letter “F” in his name stand for?

a Francis      b Frank      c Fitzgerald

6 _________ , in Greek mythology, stole fire from the gods and gave it to mankind?

a Prometeus       b Theseus      c Achilles

7 __________ part of the body would you find ‘the bridge’?

a the ear      b the foot      c the nose

8 ____________is the Roman numeral for one thousand?

a C         b M        c V

9 ________ language does the word ‘sauna’ originate?

a Swedish       b Norwegian       c Finnish

10 _______________ legs does a lobster have?

a 10         b 6         c 8

11 ___________composer do you associate Porgy and Bess and Rhapsody in Blue?

a Leonard Bernstein           b George Gershwin                       c Andrew Lloyd Webber

12 ______face is said to have ‘launched a thousand ships’?

a Joan of Arc’s      b Ceopatra’s      c Helen of Troy’s

13 _________century was the Taj Mahal in India built?

a 17th         b 16th         c 15th

14 ______________ must you be before you are allowed to take a normal driving test in the UK?

a 16          b 18           c 17

15 ____________country would you associate with the dish ‘couscous’?

a Greece          b Tunisia           c South Korea

 click here to find the answers


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