Multiple matching, 8

Read though the sentences below, then decide which answer a, b, c or d best fits each space. There is an example at the beginning (0)

0 I’m sorry I said that, Mary. It wasn’t my ___ to hurt you.

a intention      b purpose      c meaning      d plan

1 Take no ___ of him – he’s only teasing you!

a account      b notice      c attention      d regard

2 She had a three-roomed flat in a new residential area on the ___ of Copenhaguen.

a border      b suburbs      c outskirts      d near

3 He went to live on the coast for the ___ of his health

a reason      b sake      c care      d improvement

4 When you buy shares, your investment is always at ___ since share prices can go down as well as go up

a danger      b trouble      c gamble      d risk

5 You’re off to Bangkok, you say? What a __________! So am I.

a coincidence      b chance      c luck      d fate

6 I wonder if you could give me a _____ with the washing-up?

a help      b assistance      c support      d hand

7 Most of the ___ members aboard the new luxury liner were form Pakistan.

a team      b crew       c gang      d staff

8 My parents were always making ___ in public. As I child I found it very embarrasing.

a quarrels      b arguments       c scenes      d fuss

9 The Queen has no real power. She’s just a ___
a figurehead     b mascot     c sleeping partner     d puppet

10 The child was throwing stones at the pigeons but his mother didn’t take any ___ of him

a attention     b notice     c control     d regard

11 Take an umbrella with you ___ it rains

a in case      b even though      c despite      d because

12 We’re going to miss the train___ we hurry up.

a provided      b if      c in spite of       d unless

13 He went to live in France for a year __ he could pick up the language.

a because of      b in order      c so that       d therefore

14 Everyone’s been invited to the party___ for Cathy.
a except      b apart       c but       d with the exception

15 ___ than paying out all that money for a hotel, why don’t you come and stay with us instead? We’ve got lots of rooms.

a Instead      b Better      c Rather      d In preference

16 In ___ ,women live longer than men in most countries.

a average      b the whole      c reality      d general

17 There was a large notice in the hotel corridor saying: ‘___ fire, press the alarm bell.’

a If      b On account of      c In case of       d Supposing

18 Who else went with you to the concert ___ David and Jean?

a apart       b besides       c except       d beside

19 People in Wales are ___ Labour supporters.

a most       b all in all       c entire       d predominantly

20 At the age of fifty, he finally admitted to himself that it was ___ unlikely that he was going to be a pop idol

a greatly      b largely       c highly       d fully

 click here to find the answers


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