Multiple matching, 10

Read the text below and decide which word a , b , c or d best fits each space. There is an example at the beginning (0).

Safer driving with hands off

SCIENTISTS are developing cars which (0)___ hands-free driving on British motorways.
Computers will be (1)___ to sensors to control steering, speed and braking.
Drivers will (2)___ push a button to let the car take the strain.
Automatic steering systems will (3)___ cars in lane.
Cruise control will kepp speeds at a steady level by opening or closing the (4)___
Ultrasonic anti-collition devices will (5)___ safe, efficient distances between vehicles, (6)___ operating brakes.
Research is being (7)___ by Professor John Turner, head of Automotive Engineering at Southampton University and by experts (8)___ in Britain and overseas.
The work reflects a global increase in traffic (9)___ motorways.
A Transport Department report last week showed that car (10)___ in London (11)___ by 20 per cent in the last ten years, putting (12)___ strain on motorways.
British experts have already found a way to keep cars in lane (13)___ driver control. ‘The system uses TV cameras at the front of the car, which (14)___ up white lane markings,’ says Turner. ‘Images are (15)___ into computers linked to the steering mechanism. The problem now is (16)___ the cost and weight of the equipment.’
Expensive cruise-control devices are also being (17)___
If all cars were programmed to travel at say, 65 mph experts believe (18)___ more vehicles would be able to use the motorways without traffic jams and in greater safety
Professor Turner’s team at Southampton is also engaged (19)___ research with Ford in collision-(20)___ systems using radar and ultrasonic equipment.

0 a let             b provide               c allow             d devise
1 a powered   b linked                 c fed                 d combined
2 a simply      b effectively          c casually        d effortlessly
3 a hold          b sustain                c keep             d retain
4 a brake       b throttle               c clutch           d valves
5 a provide    b be allowed          c insist           d mantain
6 a even         b although             c without       d simply
7 a made        b carried out         c operated     d looked into
8 a overall     b elsewhere           c scientists    d throughout
9 a stopping   b gripping             c clogging       d obstructing
10 a journeys b routes                c travels        d tours
11 a will increase    b rose          c have mounted     d had risen
12 a spacious     b extensive      c immense      d large
13 a without    b outperforming    c solely      d providing
14 a show         b pick               c beam              d reflect
15 a linked       b sorted           c classified         d fed
16 a lowering    b to sink          c to reduce       d deducting
17 a changed    b purified        c adopted         d refined
18 a lot             b much             c many             d various
19 a at              b with               c for                  d in
20 a avoidance     b preventing      c aversion    d evasion

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