Multiple matching, 9

Read the text below and decide which word a, b, c, or d best fits each space. There is an example at the
beginning (0).

A Lucky escape

It was November 1971 in London on a day (0)___ any other. On one of the city’s underground stations, a train (1)___ the platform. Suddenly, a young man (2)___ himself (3)___ into the path of a moving train. The horrified driver slammed on the brakes, certain that there was no way to stop the train (4)___ the man was crushed (5)___ the wheels. But miraculously the train did stop. The first carriage (6)___ be jacked up to (7)___ the badly injured man, but the wheels had not passed over him and he (8)___.

The young man (9)___ out to be a gifted architect who was recovering (10)___ a nervous breakdown. His amazing rescue from death was (11)___ coincidence. For the (12)___ of the accident revealed that the train had not stopped (13)___ the driver’s hasty braking. Seconds before, acting (14)___ impulse and completely (15)___ of the man about to throw himself on the tracks, a passenger had (16)___ down the emergency handle, which automatically applies the brakes of the train. The passenger had no (17)___ reason for doing so. In fact, the Transport Authority considered prosecuting him on the (18)___ that he had no reasonable cause for using the emergency system!

0 a as                    b like          c by                           d similar
1 a has reached   b entered   c was approaching  d had got to
2 a leapt               b plunged    c pushed                  d hurled
3 a directly          b fully          c sudden                  d at once
4 a while              b until          c before                   d as
5 a through         b under        c with                      d behind
6 a must              b had to       c would have to      d should
7 a repair            b take back  c remove                d liberate
8 a survived       b perished    c succeeded           d relived
9 a came             b made         c proved                 d turned
10 a over            b of               c from                     d by
11 a because   b depending on   c with a view to   d based on
12 a investigation   b inquiry   c conclusion    d examination
13 a despite        b until        c during      d because of
14 a with              b by           c on                   d with
15 a unknown     b unaware    c unconnected     d unsure
16 a held              b broken         c pulled          d thrown
17 a specialist      b peculiar       c convinced       d particular
18 a reason           b grounds           c cause          d motive

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