Multiple matching, 11

residensea.jpg   For questions 1-15, read the text below and decide which answer A,B,C or D best fits in each space


If your (O)      B……..of heaven is a world where the sun always (1) ………., where the living is luxurious and where the world’s biggest parties take (2)……………..on your doorstep, then take out your cheque – (3)……….. .For £750,000 ($1.2 million) a two-bedroom apartment on the first live-in luxury cruise liner – (4) ……….. calling itself ‘The World’ – can be yours. And if you want to be really flashy, you can fork out £3.3 million for the penthouse suite.ResidenSea, the Norwegian company putting up the £300 million to build this ship in time for its maiden (5)  ……… in the year 2000, has (6)  ….. sold 51 of the 250 apartments, mainly to (7)  ……. – aged Scandinavians, (8)  ……. also to  Americans, Australians and South Americans. (9) ‘The World’ has completed its initial three year-journey, taking in the Northern Lights, the opera (10)  …….. in Rome, the Cannes Film Festival, the Monaco Grand Prix and the Rio Carnival, its residents will vote on where they (11)  …… next.“It (12)  ……… be a democracy,” says Paul Mundy, who is (13)  …… ResidenSea in Britain. “The idea is that the ship will always be in the most desirable places (14)  ……. the most desirable times and the (15)  ……… will vote on where that will be.”

 1   A shines        B  sparkles        C  glitters         D glows

2   A part            B position          C seat                D place

3   A book           B account           C leaflet            D statement

4   A decently     B modestly        C shyly             D plainly

5   A travel         B journey           C voyage          D trip

6   A already      B still                   C yet                D previously

7   A average     B medium           C intermediate  D middle

8   A unless        B but                    C however      D nevertheless

9   A Once          B Since                 C If                  D Immediately

10  A time         B period               C season          D era

11  A sail            B navigate           C embark        D move

12  A might       B can                    C may              D will

13  A symbolising    B representing    C standing    D supporting

14  A at              B in                     C on                  D for

15  A minority     B plurality     C majority       D plenty

Click here for the answers


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