Multiple matching, 12

For questions 1-15, read the text below and decide which answer A, B, Cor D best fits each space. There is an example at the beginning (0). Example:  

O A  hardly    B nearly    C almost    D completely


Jim Stopford is a man who can (0) hardly read or write, but talks with a great deal (1) ____ feeling for something that he has (2)____  his life to. He gives talks to a (3) ____  number of children every year on lizards, snakes, tortoises, turtles and (4) ____ crocodiles so that they can under- stand what a(n) (5) ____  part of the animal world this species is. He has set (6) ____ a free rescue service where trained people are ready to (7) ____ anyone who has been bitten by a snake. A good number of people have also been trained to catch poisonous snakes. Jim, who (8) ____  in Sydney, goes to many schools giving talks and showing the children his snakes. He (9) ____ the snakes’ habitat, what they eat and how they move. He is now preparing a book (10) ____  this subject. He believes that snakes should be (11) ____ because they are dying out. He (12) ____  believes that if snakes are (13) ____  alone they will not harm anyone. (14) ____ Australia has the greatest number of poisonous snakes on the planet, he has always (15) ____ people to be careful when they see one.  

1   A about   B off   C of   D with  

2   A taken   B given   C seen   D spent  

3   A many   Blot   C much   D large  

4   A surely   B probably   C undoubtedly   D even  

5   A usual   B proper   C important   D specific  

6   A about   B up   C out   Doff  

7   A help   B give   C organise   D provide  

8   A lives   B stays   C settles   D remains  

9   A draws   B shows   C describes   D tells

10 A for        B of           C by           D on

11 A protected          B  cared           C  guaranteed         D favoured

12  A apart from          B also             C too           D besides

13  A departed          B undisturbed          C left            D moved

14  A While             B  Despite             C Although          D Since

15  A advised           B  suggested          C claimed         D explained

Check your answers here


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