Reading, 12

You are going to read an extract from a book. For questions 8-15, choose the answer (A, B, C or D) which you think fits best according to the text.

The car braked. One of its headlights had gone out, the one that had hit Lars, he supposed. It moved slowly, as if the driver were hesitating. Then it gathered speed and, one-eyed, it disappeared into the night.Tyrin bent over Lars. The other sailors gathered around, speaking Swedish.Tyrin touched Lars’ leg. He yelled out in pain.  

‘I think his leg is broken,’ Tyrin said. Thank God that’s all. Lights were going on in some of the buildings around the square. One of the officers said something, and one ran off toward a house presumably to call for an ambulance. There was more rapid dialogue and somebody else went off in the direction of the dock. Lars was bleeding, but not too heavily. The officer bent over him. He would not allow anyone to touch his leg. The ambulance arrived within minutes, but it seemed forever to Tyrin: he had never killed a man, and he did not want to.  They put Lars on a stretcher. The officer got into the ambulance, and turned tospeak to Tyrin. ‘You had better come.’


‘You saved his life, 1 think.’ ‘Oh.’

He got into the ambulance with the officer.   They sped through the wet streets, the flashing blue light on the roof casting an unpleasant glow over the buildings. Tyrin sat in the back, unable to look at Lars or the officer, unwilling to look out of the windows like a tourist, not knowing where to direct his eyes. He had done many unkind things in the service of his country and Colonel Rostov – he had taped conversations of lovers for blackmail, he had shown terrorists how to make bombs, he had helped capture people who would later be tortured – but he had never been forced to ride in the ambulance with his victim. He did not like it.

They arrived at the hospital. The ambulance men carried the stretcher inside.  Tyrin and the officer were shown where to wait. And, suddenly, the rush was over. They had nothing to do but worry. Tyrin was astonished to look at the plain electric clock on the hospital wall and see that it was not yet midnight. It seemed hours since they had left the pub.

8 Lars had been hit by

A an elderly driver.

B a vehicle.

C someone who stayed to inquire about his health.

D a flying object.

9 How did Tyrin feel about Lars’ injury?

A happy

B unsympathetic

C relieved

D embarrassed

10 Where had the accident happened?

A in the countryside

B in a city or town

C right next to a hospital

D on the dock

11 Before the accident, Tyrin

A had wanted to kill people.

B had occasionally killed people.

C hadn’t killed anybody.

D had killed many times.

12 Why did the officer ask Tyrin to corne with him?

A He was suspicious.

B He thought Tyrin could give him some information.

C He was worried about Lars’ condition.

D He wanted to arrest Tyrin.

13 What was Tyrin’s opinion of the work he had done before this?

A He clid not like it.

B He did not mind it.

C He was proud of it.

D He was shocked by it.

14 Who had planned Lars’ accident?

A the driver of the car

B a Swedish sailor

C Lars himself

D Tyrin himself

15 In the hospital, how did Tyrin feel about Lars’ condition?

A unkind

B astonished

C anxious

D satisfied

Check your answers here


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