Reading, 13

You are going to read an extract from a book. Seven sentences have been removed from the extract. Choose from the sentences A-H the one which fits each gap (16-21). There is one extra sentence which you do not need to lise. There is an example at the beginning (0).

 Other guests were in the house. Several times while I was washing and changing I heard doors opening and closing. I put on my new blue slacks and sweater and picked up my bag, hoping that no one would notice how heavy it was. 


I intended to fight him in his own territory. Finding a library in a large country house is not difficult when you’ve travelled widely and have quite a few wealthy friends. Libraries usually have double doors opening inwards and do not lead to anywhere else.    16: _____   In a room nearby someone  was playing the piano.    17: ______ 

‘Surely people with your kind of job shouldn’t sit with their backs to the door,’ I said when I could see whom I was talking to. I already knew what he  looked like. 18: _____

Sir George rose. He was of medium height, slightly fat, silver-haired and with a face surprisingly youthful for his sixty years.  19:_______ 

With not a second to spare, a word from him prevented huge dogs from attacking me. Grabbing collars, he said, ‘Do help yourself to sherry while I get rid of this lot,’ and crossed to another door as if floating in a sea of black and gold jumping gun dogs. Two elderly dogs followed with a couple of tail wags especially for me.    20: _____ 

I helped myself to sherry, a pale, dry luncheon sherry that would do nothing to dispel my tummy rumbles of hunger, and heard him despatch his dogs into the grounds with the weird cries people reserve for their pets when they don’t think anyone else can hear.

Sir George returned, rubbing his hands, and warmed them before the blaze. ‘God, it’s cold out there.’    21: ______  ‘Am I wrong in assuming you prefer to be called Miss Langley?’

A His youngest daughter had recently married a television script writer and the wedding had been shown in all the newspapers.

B The whole lot, I could see now, had been asleep on the floor in front of the log fire.

C He reseated himself, waving me to a chair near the fire.

D There was just one set of double doors leading off the large square hall; I crossed the fancy wooden flooring, noticing Persian rugs and an arrangement of bronze flowers and copper branches in a brass jug.

E Instead of an old-fashioned smoking jacket and grey trousers he wore a sweater and woollen slacks from neither of which anyone had succeeded in removing the morning’s harvest of dog hairs.

F I entered, prepared to apologise and leave immediately if necessary; for a moment I thought the room empty but then saw that one of the leather chairs was occupied, cigar smoke floating above it.

G I turned and ran towards the warmth of the kitchen.

H It seemed best to put it under my arm in a relaxed sort of way, relaxed and attractive according to the expensive mirror at the top of the stairs.

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  1. Arturo Sima Says:

    What a good idea!!! I have a lot of exercises to practise and improve mi english, thank you for such a great idea.

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