Multiple matching, 13

For questions 1-15, read the text below and decide which answer A, B, Cor D best fits each space. There is an example at the beginning (0).


o A bom  B produced   C established  D encouraged



Britain may not have (0) produced a downhill skiing champion, but there is (1) …. one area of the sport in which it is a leader: dry-skiing. As a  (2) …….. of this, more man-made ski slopes are found here than in the rest  of the world. The first dry slope was (3) …… in London thirty-five years ago. Now there are a hundred and fifty slopes in Britain starting from the  (4) ………….. size of 30 metres to one of 471 metres just outside Edinburgh.

The bigger centres (5) …… like golf (6) ……. squash clubs be- cause they offer their members a full (7) of well-organised facilities.

Many people want to (8) …….. the dry-ski centres because they are close to the cities. For those who have never (9) ………  before, they can  (10) ……..  doubt save a lot of time and money by going to one of the centres for beginners. Instructors will go (11) ……. the equipment and teach the (12) ……. skills of skiing. For those that can ski, it is a(n)  (13)  ……… good way of keeping fit and practising new techniques. For many (14) ……. skiers it has (15) ……… a part of their entertainment.

1   A yet                     B still              C then         D already  
2   A development   B conclusion   C proof        D result  
3   A built                  B prepared    C formed     D created  
4   A biggest              B longest       C smallest    D widest  
5   A perform           B instruct       C operate     D conduct  
6   A otherwise         B besides       C either        D   or  
7   A range                B   row           C variety       D   area  
8   A do                      B   use           C go                D find  
9   A skied                 B   skated     C climbed       D hiked  
10   A with                B   in              C without       D of  
11   A to                     B   under       C round         D over  
12 A thorough          B   minimum   C true        D basic  
13 A rarely               B really         C excellent   D seldom  
14 A regular             B reliable      C continuous   D continual  
15 A made                B become      C developed   D achieved  

Check your answers here 


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