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museum.gifYou are going to read six extracts from a brochure describing London’s well -known museums. For questions 22 – 35, choose from the list of museums A-F. Some of the museums may be chosen more than once. When more than one answer is required, these may be given in any order. There is an example at the beginning (0).

Which museum(s) would you recommend for someone who:

would like to see a criminal?    0:  C

is interested in the cinema? 22:____  23: _____   24: ____

would like to admire objects from ancient times?  25: ____

wants to see what the first man looked like?   26: ____

is interested in an old edition of the Bible?    27: ____

is interested in sports?   28: _____

is interested in the exploration of space?    29: _____ 30: _____

loves animals and wants to know all about them? 31: _____ 32: _____

is researching building bridges?    33: _____

would like to become an actor?    34: ____

would like to see what the Royal Family of England looks like?    35: _____

A guide to London’s most well-known museums

A The British Museum

Founded in 1753, it is one of the greatest museums in the world, showing the works of man from prehistoric times to the present day. There are permanent displays of antiquities from Egypt, Western Asia, Greece and Rome, as well as Roman British and Oriental Collections. Prints and drawings, coins and medals are displayed in a series of temporary exhibitions. The British Library exhibition galleries are housed within the British Museum.

B The Natural History Museum

One of the finest museums in the world and, probably the best of its kind.

Enter our extraordinary buildings in South Kensington and experience first-class exhibitions on the Natural World based on our vast collections and authoritative research. In short, the home of the Wonders of the Natural World. This unique combination of education and fun is the hallmark of the museum’s award-winning exhibitions. An unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. Come and see what a dinosaur looked like or follow the stages of evolution of the human species. Our programme of special exhibitions and events offers a new insight into the Natural World – past and present – whenever you visit.

C Madame Tussaud’s Museum and The London Planetarium

Home of kings, queens, heroes and villains. Where else can you experience an audience with royalty, meet the great and powerful, mingle with the stars and come face to face with the infamous?

The London Planetarium. The distinct copper dome of the London Planetarium plays host to more stars than Madam Tussaud’s! Seated inside, you can enjoy a star show which will take you far beyond our own fragile world. With a perfect sky as a backdrop, many worlds and puzzles of the Universe will be revealed.

D The National Museum of Science and Technology

Come and explore the exciting World of Science. The five storey premises can help you explore Space; learn all about Transport and Telecommunications; discover sciences such as Physics, Chemistry, Engineering and Computing; climb up the escalators to the field of Optics, Photography and Cinematography, and finally to the section devoted to Medicine. The Science Museum will never cease to amaze you!

E Guinness World of Records Exhibition

Experience the Guinness World of Records, Europe’s greatest three dimensional display of all that is superlative around the globe. Through the use of life size models, videos and the latest audio technology, thousands of records come alive at the touch of a button. Do not miss any of the six sections: The Human World, The Animal World. Our Planet Earth, Structures and Machines, Sports World, World of Entertainment.

F Museum of the Moving Image

Who ever heard of a museum where you could … read the news on TV? … animate your own cartoon? … tryout for a Hollywood movie? With its treasure of cameras and costumes, with hundreds of favourite film clips, with a cast of actor guides to tell you more, award-winning MOMI is the most exciting cinema and TV museum in the world.

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