Multiple matching, 14

For questions 1 – 15, read the text below and decide which answer A, S, C, or D best fits each space. There is an exam pie at the beginning (0). Mark your answers on the separate answer sheet.


In the 1998 World (0) ..A.. sports fans around the world (1) …..  various battles between (2) ….. football rivals but also between the companies that sponsored them.

Nike sponsored Brazil. Adidas sponsored France. While the teams (3) ….. for the biggest prize in football. the two companies tried to win the biggest battle, the battle of the (4) ….. as 500 million people from 195 countries (5) ….. in to watch the greatest footballers in the world. Afterwards, the sportswear companies’ hope was for people to go out and buy some new kits. Adidas paid $20 million for the privilege of being a(n) (6) ….. sponsor of the 1998 World Cup. and so one might have (7) … would have had the  greatest presence at the (8) …..

Sometimes. however. sponsoring doesn’t (9) ….. the company much good.  Other times. the sponsors’ advertising (10) ….. are very original. Nike has claimed that if sponsors really want to (11) ….. athletes. they can’t turn (12) ….. only for the photo opportunities and the media events and smile and (13) ….. for the cameras. They have to accept the whole (14)….. with its spitting, swearing, sweating and blister-breaking. They just have to (15) …..used to it.

1   A remarked   B   witnessed   C   viewed   D   attended  
2   A brutal         B   savage         C   cruel       D   fierce  
3   A contested   B   competed   C   struggled   D   strove  
4   A brands       B   marks          C   types       D   makes  
5   A adjusted    B   tuned          C   regulated     D   switched  
6   A formal        B   official         C   typical      D   licensed  
7   A accepted    B   attempted   C   assumed    D   confirmed  
8   A round         B   set               C   match        D   tournament  

9   A do               B   make           C   perform      D   carry  
10   A exhibitions   B   campaigns   C   expeditions   D   missions  
11   A strengthen        B   prop        C   support      D   provide  
12   A up              B   in            C   on        D   forward  
13   A stand         B   pose       C   look       D   model  
14   A packet       B   bunch      C   package        D   pile  
15   A be           B   become       C   make        D   get  

Check your answers here


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