Multiple matching, 15

For questions 1-15, read the text below and decide which answer A, B, Cor D best fits each space. There is an example at the beginning (0).


0 A thought     B tried     C dreamed     D wanted


I have always (0) .. wanted..  to swim the English Channel underwater and as  a former Olympic gold medallist I (1) ….. that I have the training to attempt (2) ….. a swim. The Channel is, I suppose, the Mount Everest of  the swimming world (3) ….. to do it underwater will be an even greater (4) ….. for me. Although many swimmers have (5) ….. the Channel, it will be the first time that a former Olympic gold medallist has ever done it. I am (6) ….. to do it in six to eight hours. I want to (7) ….. money for a number of new charities and I am especially (8) ….. on the charities that protect the world’s seas. I will be swimming  (9) …… the Channel in the summer. In (10) ….. to (11) ….. this out I have to follow a strict exercise programme. A usual training session for me would (12) ….. of thirty minutes in the weight room, thirty minutes doing different exercises and then three hours’ straight swimming. I have to be (13) ….. of my diet so that it is a healthy and balanced one. I will (14) ….. ready to set a record in something that has never been (15) …..before and which someone will have difficulty in breaking.

1   A feel        B   regard       C sense      D propose  
2   A quite     B   so               C rather     D such  
3   A but        B   and           C as well as     D because  
4   A prize     B work          C achievement        D duty  
5   A moved       B passed        C crossed      D run  
6   A forming       B willing        C agreeing      D hoping  
7   A give        B   raise        C save         D contribute  
8   A keen       B   interested        C thinking       D in favour  
9   A through         B   across        C over        D along  
10   A order       B   respect        C time       D regard  

11   A cut           B   check            C clear       D   carry  
12   A have        B   spend         C amount        D   consist  
13   A capable    B conscious   C enthusiastic   D  accustomed  
14   A be          B have              C do             D try  
15   A given        B made           C done         D kept  

check your answers here


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  1. Ivanna Says:

    The answers are not in the answers link

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