Reading, 25

You are going to read a newspaper article about someone who works. Eight sentences have been removed from the article. Choose from the sentences A-I the one which fits each gap (15-21). There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use. There is an example at the beginning (0).


Interview by Charlotte Beugge

Paul Hutchinson did not have a full-time job for nearly two years. 0:   I 

Mr Hutchinson, 48, from Prestwich, Manchester, was a manager of a chain of car dealers before he was made redundant 20 months ago.

He was jobless for a few months and then started temporary work at a factory.

Then he took a temporary job at the bakery. 15: _____ 

Mr Hutchinson said, ‘When I was out of work, I joined a job club.  16: _____  It is easy to sit around and do nothing and get depressed but I am a strong sort of person and fortunately, I was financially OK. 17: _______ I started doing temporary jobs and got this job through that.’

Mr Hutchinson’s new job is a complete career change for him: his previous work mainly involved administrative work and accounting. But he is hopeful that his new job will be the first step on the ladder to a new career. He said, ‘There are a lot of choices available at my new company. 18: _____ 

‘I know I am over-qualified for my current job. 19: ______ I am really enjoying my new job: the company and the people are fantastic.’

Mr Hutchinson got his new job through an employment agency, Brook Street. 20: ______ 

‘There is a huge pool of people out there so no-one should take any refusals too much to heart. 21: _____

A ‘There may be opportunities to move upwards or sideways.’

B ‘I used their facilities to write my curriculum vitae and apply for jobs.’

C ‘People should explore any opportunities that present themselves for work.’

D His employers were so impressed with his work, that they offered him a full-time post on the pie-packing production line.

E ‘But you’ve got to start somewhere even at my time of life.’

F ‘I got a golden handshake from my last job, but I didn’t go out and spend it all.’

G Mr Hutchinson was strongly supported by his wife.

H Hamish Thompson, marketing executive of Brook Street, said, ‘It is a difficult job market but people need to have a strong way of dealing with things in a difficult situation.’

I But he has just started a new job at a Manchester bakery.

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