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You are going to read some information about some cultural events happening in different European cities. For questions 22-26, choose from the cities (A-I). Some of the cities may be chosen more than once. When more than one answer is required, these may be given in any order. There is an example at the beginning (0). For questions 27-35, indicate the answer to each question by choosing from the list of events A-D. Some of the events will be required more than once. Note: Where a city offers more than one event, you may give the answers in any order.

Which city or cities would you recommend for someone who:

likes photography?    0: H 

enjoys folk music?   22: ____

is interested in stone carving?    23:____

is interested in musical instruments?    24: _____

is interested in South America?   25:______      26:______

What are the events offered in the following cities?

Aachen 27:_____      28:______   29:______

Amsterdam      30:______

Antwerp    31: _______

Barcelona      32:______  

Basel    33:_____    

Copenhagen     34: _____         35: _____ 

A music

B dance

C art

D theatre




LUDWIG FORUM FUR INTERNATIONALE KUNST Julicher Str 97-109. Die 5. Biennale von Havanna. This is the first time that this event has been held in Europe. Visitors can see street theatre and dance from Colombia, music from Argentina, Uruguay, Cuba and Trinidad, and enjoy literature and film from Brazil. There will also be a two-day Latin-American market.

Until II December. Tel +49 241-18070



HET MUZlEKTHEATER Waterlooplein 22. Performances of Mozart’s Le nozze di Figaro on 9, 11, 14 October. Conducted by Graeme Jenkins and directed by Jurgen Flimm. It features Dean Peterson as Figaro, Roberto Scaltriti as the Count of Almaviva and Joan Rodgers as the Countess of Almaviva. The music is provided by the Netherlands Chamber Orchestra.

Tel +31 20·5518922



HESSENHUIS FALCONRUI 53. Music and Painting in the Golden Age: Music and Graphics. An outstanding collection of works from Flemish and Dutch artists of the 17th century. In addition to 55 paintings there are musical instruments and pieces of music on display. There are stilllifes of instruments, portraits in which the subjects play music and pastoral settings. There are 120 prints, mostly from the 16th century, which portray the social and symbolic importance of music, song and dance at this time.

Until 30 October.

Tel +32 2-2269300



CENTRE CULTURAL DE LA FUNDACIO LA CAIXA Passeig de Sant Joan. Kandinsky/Mondrian – Two roads towards abstraction. This exhibition celebrates the anniversary of the deaths of two great pioneers of modern art. One of its aims is to highlight the parallels as well as the differences which mark the stylistic development of the two artists. Among the works on display are 35 canvases by the Russian-born Kandinsky and 56 oils, drawings, watercolours and gouaches by the Dutch-born Mondrian. Until 1 3 November.

Tel +34 3-4046073



KUNSTMUSEUM BASEL St Alban-Graben 16. Fernand Leger 1911-1924 – Ie rhythme de la vie moderne. A collection which concentrates on major works and work groups dating back to the critical early years of Leger’s career when he developed his style. He is considered a painter of the modern world, seeing the basis of modern art in the principle of opposites.

Until 27 November.

Tel +41 61-2710828



HUNGARIAN NATIONAL GALLERY, Buda Castle. Several museums in the Hungarian capital have permanent exhibitions and this gallery has an important collection of Hungarian art from all periods, medieval stone carvings as well as Renaissance and Baroque art.

HUNGARIAN NATIONAL MUSEUM, Muzeum Krt. 14 which has Hungarian coronation regalia on display is also worth a visit.

Tel. +361-1179800



THE ROYAL THEATRE Kongens Nytorv.An adaptation of Bournonville’s La Sylphide ballet by Peter Schaufuss can be seen on 5, I I and 13 October. Musical adaptation is by Ole Norlyng and Graham Bond is the conductor. Tchaikovsky’s Onegin. based on Pushkin’s famous novel about the cynical antihero in the Russia of the I 820s, can be seen on 8 and 17 October.

Conducted by Graham Bond and choreographed by John Cranko. Tel. +45-33141002



THE FRUITMARKET GALLERY 29 Market Street. BT new contemporaries. This is an exhibition designed to showcase student and new graduate art in the UK. There is a variety of work on show from 36 artists including the six prizewinners. A strong feature of the exhibition is photography, with a wide variety of examples of how this medium can be employed. The artists have used materials as diverse as wood and soap.

8 October-12 November.

Tel. +44 31-2252383




Zeitgenossische Architektur in Brasilien (Contemporary architecture in Brazil). The exhibition is devoted to architecture of the past ten years and the aim is to show how dynamically contemporary architecture has developed. The climate alone in Brazil – tropical temperature as well as frost and snow – means that architects must be very creative with their methods.

8 October-6 November.

Tel +49 69-2121847

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