Extra word, 9

For questions 41 ·55, read the text below and look carefully at each line. Some of the lines are correct, and some have a word which should not be there.

If a line is correct,write OK by the number on the separate answer sheet. If a line has a word which should not be there, write the word on the separate answer sheet. There are two examples at the beginning (0 and 00).



0 After four years of backbreaking training and also preparation,  also

00 the Singapore Mt Everest Expedition Team is ready to mount the OK

41 summit of the world’s most highest peak in the next few weeks.

42 In 1953, the Sir John Hunt expedition has put two climbers on the

43 summit. But on this expedition, they mounted the summit through

44 the South Col route. The Singapore team will attempt to

45 retrace the exactly same route as they begin their ascent.

46 The idea is to climb Everest was first brought up in 1990.

47 The Singapore Mountaineering Federation, was being established

48 in 1993 and a permit for the climb was finally given in May 1994.

49 The Singapore Everest team, which comprises of eight

50 climbers and a support team, left for Katmandu in early

51 March: a relatively very young team with the average age of

52 members being at about 30 years old and whose members

53 come from all the walks of life. The journey will be gruelling

54 and members are fully aware of that they may not succeed,

55 or more worse, survive. Our hopes and prayers will follow them.


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