Multiple matching, 16

For questions 1 – 15, read the text below and decide which answer A, B, C, or D best fits each space. There is an example at the beginning (0). Mark your answers on the separate answer sheet.


0   A if      B Unless      C Provided     D Although



(O) …B… you’ve slept through the last decade, you know that protecting the environment is a (1)….. . But when it (2) ….. to beauty products, natural doesn’t always equal pure and doesn’t (3) ….. mean better. Before rushing to the register with your 100 percent green beauty gear, (4) ….. a few things.

According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the (5)  ….. ‘natural’ is used very (6) ….. in the cosmetics world; any company can (7) ….. a product natural. (8) ….. natural products are made from plant-based (as opposed to man-made) ingredients and do not (9) ….. artificial dyes and fragrances. The advantage: plant-based ingredients are renewable (10) ….. that are safer for the environment (11) ….. certain man-made or natural, but highly processed

ones (which can produce toxic (12) ….. during the manufacturing process and be nonbiodegradable). The disadvantage: some natural ingredients,like (13) ……which help keep products germ-free, aren’t as effective as their synthetic counterparts. Since natural ingredients haven’t been (14) ….. as much as man-made ones, you shouldn’t assume ….. they’re gentler (especially if you’re allergy-prone or have (15) ….. skin).

1   A should          B   can         C   must          D   may  
2   A comes          B   arrives   C   reaches      D   refers  
3   A absolutely   B   definitely   C   obligatorily D  necessarily  
4   A consider   B   think   C   consult   D   study  
5   A term   B   definition   C   phrase   D   idea  
6   A freely   B   loosely   C   easily   D   Iiberately  
7   A call   B   name   C   baptise   D   entitle  
8   A Really   B   Truthfully   C   Truly   D   Exactly  
9   A incorporate   B   involve   C   enclose   D   contain  
10   A resources   B   sources   C   essences   D   supplies  
11   A from   B   than   C   of   D   to  
12   A garbage   B   rubbish   C   waste   D   debris  
13   A conservatives   B   preservatives   C   medicines   D   preserves  
14   A examined   B   tried   C   searched   D   tested  
15   A sensitive   B   sensible   C   delicate   D   sensational  

Check your answers here


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