Multiple matching, 17

For questions 1-15, read the text below and decide which answer A, B, Cor D best fits each space. There is an example at the beginning (0).

Example: 0 A opposite B variable C different D similar


Nowadays, country kitchens are not very (0) different from those in the city.

(1) ….., in the past the differences could easily be (2)  ….. . By

the 1940s most city homes had gas or electric cookers (3) ….. but in the country the farmer’s wife still (4) ….. on a fuel cooker. This gave her more work because she had to (5) ….. at five o’clock in the morning and enter the kitchen with a candle which was always kept (6) ….. . She then removed the ashes from the cooker and got some newspaper and pieces of wood from the box (7) ….. the side of the kitchen door. 

Next, the kettle was filled and put over the fire in (8) ….. to make the first pot of tea of the day. Once this was (9) ….. she made sure she (10) ….. fed the animals (11) ….. the left-overs and then got (12) ….. with breakfast. After breakfast the plates would be (13) ….. and more wood put in the cooker. The only opportunity she had to rest next to the fire was after dinner. This (14) ….. of lighting the cooker was repeated every day. Wood was used in (15) ….. of petrol till the Second World War.

1  A However     B   In spite of     C Because     D Despite  
2  A glimpsed     B noticed        C understood   D made  
3  A bought        B put                C connected   D installed  
4  A baked         B stirred          C boiled          D cooked  
5   A raise        B arise               C rise             D get  
6   A handy       B far                 C obvious      D reachable  
7   A by            B next               C close           D outside  
8   A so far as   B order           C view             D case  
9   A ended       B done            C used up      D fulfilled  

10   A often     B sometimes   C always       D   seldom  
11   A at           B in                  C without       D   on  
12   A down      B   away         C along          D   on  
13   A cleaned   B removed    C washed       D polished  
14   A time       B process       C procession   D progress  
15   A place      B exchange   C favour         D position  

Check your answers here


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