Reading, 32

You are going to read a letter from someone to her sister’s family. Eight sentences have been removed from the letter. Choose from the sentences A-I the one which fits each gap (15-21). There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use. There is an example at the beginning (0).

April 22. 1994

Dear Kathy. John. Gigi.

Well. hello everybody!!  0: ___I___

How’s school, Gigi? I hear you’ve been studying hard. Have you made any earrings lately? Do you need any more jewellery backs, etc.? What are your plans for the summer? 15: ______

Brittany and Brendyn are doing well. They have so many friends here. There are kids all over the place at Whyte Ridge. Brittany knows some of her friends’ phone numbers and sometimes calls them up and just invites them over. And Brendyn’s latest is to ask any kid walking by if he/she wants to come to his house to spend the night. Either for that or for supper …

16: ___________

We had a nice time at Mom’s in Saskatoon. 17: ______  Unfortunately. she was sick. then we all were sick, so our energies weren’t up to par.

This summer, we plan to go to Nick’s second cousin’s wedding in Yorkton first thing in July, then to the lake with MaryAnne (from Ohio), Theresa, Cathy, etc., for a week, then to Calgary for the 14th for Rosie’s brother’s anniversary. Then on our holiday to pick cherries. We’d also like to sneak in as many trips to the lake as p0ssible with our caravan, and maybe to the Mall of America. We’ll see.

Nick’s back is slowly getting better; he sort of takes it easy, and uses the exercise bike all the time, as he says it helps his back. 18: ______ 

We love our house. Everything has turned out beautifully. 19: _____ We just bought a lovely new purple sofa made in Italy (Natuzzi) for our lounge. We have not taken any pictures yet.

Well, Brittany and Brendyn can both ride two-wheelers now and can both whistle! How are both your Mom and Dad feeling, John? Do they get out to Kanalia much?

I know they love their village. 20: _______ 


JoAnn, Nick, Brittany, Brendyn

P.S. Bonnie and Phil had a girl – Tessa.  21: ______

A Then we brought her back here for awhile.

B And Patti is pregnant with her third!

C Black and white is the theme throughout.

D When can you convince your Mom and Dad to bring you here again?!

E I had it in mind while writing this letter, but my response may have been too late. Sorry about that!

F It was very painful and he thought he might need surgery.

G Got to go – so much to do as Nick and I are going out to supper tonight!

H Speaking of Whyte Ridge, there’s a dalmatian dog who is the most popular dog in the neighbourhood; we have very nice neighbours, too!

I Sorry it’s been so long but we’ve been getting settled in our new home.

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