Reading, 33

You are going to read some information about your star sign. For questions 22-33, choose from the star signs (A-L). Some of the star signs may be chosen more than once. When more than one answer is required, these may be given in any order. There is an example at the beginning (0). For questions 34 and 35, choose the answer (A, B, C or D) which you think fits best according to the text.

Which star sign:

is warned that others envy them?   0: __L___

is told it is time for an addition?   22: ____

is advised to make full use of time spent asleep? 23: ____

is told love is waiting for them?  24: ______

is told to put money matters first?  25: ____     26: ____

is advised to control strong feelings?  27: ____ 

is reminded to be grateful?  28:______ 

is tired of a temporary relationship?  29: _____

is warned about something terrible?   30: ____     31: ____

is told their past will help them? 32: _____

is told to complete their work?   33: ____

34 Where has this text come from?

A a newspaper report

B an advertisement

C a magazine

D a school textbook

35 What is the main aim of this text?

A to offer advice to people with problems

B to inform people about what may happen in the future

C to recommend that people be careful

D to encourage people to write to Richard Starr


by Richard Starr

Aries A

Your family is going through the turmoil of many difficult changes. Not everyone is cooperating with these changes, which is resulting in feelings being hurt and relationships being threatened. A family crisis can be stopped if you unexpectedly change your mind. See if you can’t be more understanding and lend a sympathetic ear to the members of your family who need it most.

Taurus B

It may be time to start thinking about starting or adding to the family. But don’t panic! Things will fall into place if you are calm and plan out your moves carefully. A bigger family will bring you the peace, joy and satisfaction that will fill that space within you which has been empty as of late.

Gemini  C 

You are facing an overwhelmingly big job and you are feeling very distressed. Calm down! Why not invite in a group of friends or colleagues to assist you? Together you can tackle the job and enjoy yourselves along the way. Watch that you don’t antagonise anyone, though – remember to say ‘thank you’ to all those who rally to support you.

Cancer D

You are on an emotional roller coaster. You do not know if you are coming or going, and may consider turning to unsavoury companions for advice. Instead, look to your childhood for the answers. Happy memories will give you the moral strength to face what is to come, and even unhappy memories may comfort you in difficult moments.

Leo E

Your passionate nature is going to get you into trouble. You like to let your emotions run free, but caution might be the better route to follow this week. Put the brake on and slow down. Do not get upset. Be especially watchful late in the week for incidents which will trigger misunderstandings in the future.

Virgo  F 

You have always had a strong dream life, full of vivid colours and activities. Now it is time for you to put those dreams to good use. Write down your dreams and use them to come to an understanding of the inner workings of your mind. Your subconscious may help you solve problems in real-life situations.

Libra     G

You may be more interested in romance than in business, but an impressive business deal keeps dogging you. Do not ignore it. Cut down on romantic involvements and concentrate on business deals. You will have plenty of time for love, so now it is more productive to focus on finding the money with which to entertain your future romantic escapades!

Scorpio H

A difficult health issue awaits you or someone who is very close to you. Pay close attention to the matter and have it looked into by an expert. Neglecting to do something now may prove disastrous in the years to come, so make sure that you look after everything that needs looking after.

Sagittarius I

You have been working on a project for a very long time and the time has come for you to finish it. While it has been difficult for you to concentrate lately, you must put aside these distractions and get down to ending what you started. You may be surprised at how relieved you feel once it is done. And at how profitable it will be!

Capricorn J

A lucky week for you! You have long wanted to become romantically involved with someone, and the time is right for you to be brave. Approach that person. Tell that person how long you have wanted to get better acquainted. Say how much you would like to become a part of that person’s life. The outcome will pleasantly surprise you, and you will wish that you had spoken up sooner.

Aquarius K

You will be expected to make a firm commitment, like marriage, and there will be tears if you do not. Although you are afraid of such a commitment, you also want something more permanent. Deal with this situation carefully, in order to avoid hurt feelings.

Pisces    L 

Do not worry so much about what anyone else thinks. Follow what you think is the best course of action in the situation at hand. You are shining lately, and other people are jealous of your achievements. Do not listen to them, but rather follow your heart. In the end, this will payoff handsomely.

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