Extra word, 10

For questions 41-55, read the text below and look carefully at each line. Some, are correct, and some have a word which should not be there.

If a line is correct write OK by the number. If a line has a word which: be there, write the word next to the number. There are two examples at the beginning 0 and 00).


There are two reasons why I had wanted to study in Paris. I wanted 0: OK 

to be in a place which it was at the centre of Europe, close to it 00  it 

other countries such as England and Germany. The other reason 41

was that I had been found it very difficult to find a place to 42

study of medicine in my own country, where there were only 43

three medical schools. I had spent my last two school years at a 44

boarding school, where I was made a lot of friends and learned 45

to look after myself. I was nineteen when I just left and I knew 46

that I could deal with a student life. First of all, I had to learn 47

the language of the country I would be living in there for quite 48

a while. I learnt with the language quickly because I stayed 49

with a family, which was a great deal help. I was expected to 50

speak only their language and not mine. After that, I looked around 51

for an apartment to rent. I found one very close to the university 52

so I went on the foot every day. I was able to exercise a lot and 53 

therefore be fit all year round. My studies went very much well 54

and I graduated at the top of the class with full honours. 55 

Check your answers here


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