Multiple matching, 18

For questions 1 – 15, read the text below and decide which answer A, B, C, or D best fits each space. There is an example at the beginning (0).

Example: A primitive   B excessive   C radical   D racial



The most (O) __C__ thing we have ever done is not have a TV in our house. Since 99.1 percent of American (1) ….. cannot make this claim, it may be (2) ….. some interest to know why. Certainly, our (3) …… of a television has created (4)…… curiosity, puzzlement, and anger (5) …… the people we know, and I suspect even more of these (6) ….. behind our backs. ‘If the Wetherells get (7) …… without a TV, why can’t we?’

We did have a television during the first days of our marriage. I remember the dizzy way the (8) ……flickered across the screen. A few days later, after I (9) ….. my senses, we took the set to our local dump, (10) …… hands in satisfaction and have been without one ever (11) …. .

Now that my TV watching days are (12) ….. me, I can afford to be nostalgic towards it all. I remember those nights when the whole family used to sit in the living room watching Ed Sullivan, one (13) ….. light left on in the corner, laughing (14) ….. the comedians before the (15) …… came on. Nevertheless, even warmer and more precious in memory will be these quiet, peaceful years with no TV at all.

1   A housewives   B   households   C   holdalls   D   houseworks  
2   A of                     B   for                 C   at             D   in  
3   A lack                 B   shortage      C   need         D   absence  
4   A large               B big                  C   high          D   great  
5   A among            B   between      C   within       D   inside  
6   A beliefs            B   emotions     C   opinions     D   thoughts  
7   A over               B   on                  C   by             D   away  
8   A images          B   drawings      C   icons         D   movies  
9   Are-established   B   got        C   overcame   D   recovered  
10   A waved         B   tightened   C   moved       D   shook  
11   A since          B   again           C   afterwards   D   before  
12   A past          B   behind        C   over             D   away  
13   A smooth      B   peaceful      C   soft         D   tender  
14   A for            B   at               C   with           D   by  
15   A announcements   B   publications   C   clips   D   commercials  

Check your answers here


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