Reading, 37

You are going to read a travel guide to eight romantic destinations. For questions 22 – 35, choose from the list of places A-H. Some of the places may be chosen more than once. When more than one answer is required, these may be given in any order. There is an example at the beginning (0).

Which romantic destinations would you recommend for someone who:

likes ice cream?   0:__B__

enjoys the view from above?  22: ____  23:____    24: ____

wants to be alone with their loved one? 25: _____

likes to make an early start to the day?    27: ____     28: ____

likes ancient places?     29: ____

is interested in 20th century decoration?  30: _____

has a particular interest in wildlife?  31: _____

likes the sea?    32:____  33:____    34: _____    35: _____



It has to be admitted that some travel experiences will excite the traveller more than others. So here is our guide to a few offbeat or at least less-travelled romantic adventures which might make your heart beat a bit faster.

A     Gebel Musa 

Stroll up the mountain of Moses, from St Catherine’s monastery on the Sinai Peninsula in the very early hours to experience dawn at the summit with Exodus written large on the peach-coloured landscape below. It’s a deeply moving experience; many people (and yes, I am afraid you will find a few fellow travellers beside you at the top) choose to share the experience with their beloved covered up under a blanket. Good idea. Best for the physically fit.

B     Merida

The university town of Merida in the Venezuelan Andes is famous for two things: its ice cream shop boasts the most flavours in the world (avoid the garlic and spinach flavours-that’s not romantic), but more importantly, it is the source of the longest and highest cable car on the planet. Watch the city fall away behind you as the cable car climbs to an astonishing 16,000 ft summit then step out and feel your head spin at the wonder of the landscape (not to mention the lack of oxygen).

C     Caribbean

Romantics have always revelled in sailing the Seven Seas, even while turning green and reaching for the nearest empty paper bag. One of the greatest cruising experiences of our time involves lying side-by-side hanging over the sea on the fourmasted schooners, Star Flyer and Star Clipper, under 36,000 ft2 of sail, watching dolphins frolic in the foaming Caribbean waves.

D     Miami 

Learn to skate together in Miami – not like Torville and Dean, it doesn’t get quite that cold on South Beach. In-line skating is all the rage in the art deco district, gliding hand-in-hand through candy-coloured buildings on one side, the ocean on the other. You can hire the skates and all the equipment at several shops nearby.

E     Masai Mara

Early morning is the best time to share a hot-air balloon gliding over the Masai Mara with a bottle of bubbly, admiring the zebras, giraffes, monkeys, wildebeest and a rather worrying, mysterious dark shape which you eventually identify as your own balloon’s shadow.

F     Maui

Ride a horse along the Hana coast on the Hawaiian island of Maui on the lookout for pods of whales, then turn deep inland into the rainforest to swim in a pretty emerald lagoon.

G     San Francisco

Few bath tubs can boast a view like those of the Mandarin Oriental hotel in San Francisco. Lying on the top floor of the third highest building in the city, you find yourself up to your neck in a foam-bath beside a large picture window with the city spread out below your toes and the Golden Gate Bridge emerging through the mist.

H     Fiji

The staff on Yasawa Island resort in Fiji are not keen on crowding guests. Say the word and they will abandon you on one-and-a-half mile long Champagne Beach for the day with little more than an enormous shade, a vast picnic, plenty of cold drinks, books, games, your swimsuit and snorkel gear to explore the spectacularly colourful marine world.

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