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You are going to read some information about some companies. For questions 22-34, choose from the companies (A-H). Some of the companies may be chosen  more than once. When more than one answer is required, these may be given in any order. There is an example at the beginning (0). For question 35, choose the answer (A, B, C or D) which you think fits best according to the text.

Which company or companies:

is proud of their research programme?   0:__F__

deals with a precious metal?   22: _____

deals with communication links?  23: _____

is partly owned by management?   24: _____

states it does not work in Europe?  25: _____

states it is concerned with the whole family?   26: _____

profit from natural resources?      27: _____    28: _____

directly exchange money?    29: _____      30: _____

mention how many people they employ?    31: _____      32: _____

make medicine?      33: _____        34: _____

35 Why would someone read this text?

A to invest in a business

B to look for a job

C to order a report

D to buy a product



Choose which of the following reports you wish to have sent to you:

TVX Gold Inc.A

TVX Gold INC. is a Canadian-based growth-oriented international mining company with 1993 gold and gold equivalent production of a record 439,000 ounces at an average cash cost of $172 per ounce from its interests in six operating gold mines located in North and South America. The strengths of TVX Gold include quality reserves, long mine life, low average cash costs and increase in production, and a new, experienced and aggressive management team.



Statoil is an integrated Norwegian oil and gas company and ranks as the leading operator on Norway’s continental shelf. Operations are also pursued in 20 other countries. The group reported a profit before taxation of NOK 12 billion in 1993 as against NOK 9.9 billion the year before. This increase was due to a high level of production, a reduction in operating costs and improved financial results.

Statoil is organised in four business areas – Exploration and Production, Natural Gas, Oil Trading and Shipping, and Refining and Marketing. From  1994 Statoil’s involvement in Petrochemicals has been transferred to Borealis, a new petrochemical company owned 50 per cent by Statoll and 50 per cent by Neste. After the hive-off of its petrochemical operations in 1994, the group has about 12,000 employees.


The Rabobank GroupC

With total assets of NLG 253.2 billion the Durch Rabobank Group ranks among the top 20 banks in Europe and the top 50 worldwide. Over the past two decades, the bank has gradually expanded its international network to cover strategic geographic areas. It comprises now 47 offices in the world’s major financial and commercial centres. The Group’s ‘central bank’, Rabobank Nederland, operates  as a wholesale house, specialising in serving major national and international corporations and in operations on the financial markets. Besides dealing room and treasury activities, the bank offers corporate financial services (including consultancy on mergers, acquisitions and participations) as well as a comprehensive package of international services through its international network.


Roberts PharmaceuticalsD

 Roberts Pharmaceuticals (NASDAZ: RPCX) is fast realising its goal of becoming a major pharmaceutical company whose diverse products contribute to the health and wellbeing of all age groups. Roberts has successfully combined an aggressive product development programme with strategic acquisitions, to create a profitable company with a well-balanced product portfolio concentrated in six major therapeutic categories.



The Telia Group offers public and private networks for telephony. data communications and mobile telephony.  Together with PTT Netherlands and Swiss PTT. Telia is a co-owner of Unisource. In 1993, the Telia Group’s revenues  totalled USD $4.5 billion. Return on capital employed was 14.5 per cent. Telia invested a total of USD 910 million.



Roche is a Swiss-based international health-care group employing 56,000 people worldwide. It is a research-driven company with a leading position in biotechnology and activities covering the entire health spectrum of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease. Roche has gained a high  reputation for the quality of its innovative research and the original contributions it has made to the development of new drugs. In addition to pharmaceuticals Roche is engaged in the fields of vitamins and fine chemicals, diagnostics, fragrances and flavours.



BSS is a Swiss bank with all that this applies in terms of tradition, experience, security and confidentiality. BSS is owned by the ‘Fondation de Famille Sandoz’ and by key executives of the bank. The bank focuses on asset management for private and institutional clients and offers a wide range of securities and banking services including global custody, forex and stock exchange operations.


 Saga Petroleum a.s. –  H

In 1993, Saga Petroleum had an operating profit of NOK 1694 million and a profit before taxes of NOK 1006 million. The Group’s proved and probable oil and gas reserves total 1,474 million tonnes of oil equivalent, of which 44 per cent is oil. In terms of reserves, Saga is among the largest independent upstream companies in the world. It is Saga’s intention further to strengthen its position on the Norwegian shelf, and to utilise the company’s expertise and capacity gradually to develop its international activities.

Saga’s objective is to give the company’s shareholders the highest possible return on their investment through efficient operations and strict requirements to the profitability of new products.

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