Extra word, 12

For questions 41-55, read the text below and look carefully at each line. Some of the lines are correct, and some have a word which should not be there. If a line is correct write OK by the sentence. If a line has a word which should not be there, write the word next to the sentence. There are two examples at the beginning (0 and 00).


0: OK

00: had


0 We had just arrived in a village on the way to meet some friends OK 

00 who we were going hiking with when we had had a flat tyre. We got had 

41 out of the car and walked towards a shop so that we could have

42 ask if there was a someone who could change the flat tyre. The

43 shop-owner agreed that to help us by sending a boy to fetch a

44 man to look at the tyre. He explained that it would cost a lot of

45 money because the materials for doing such jobs were expensive

46 and difficult to get them. All we could do was to sit around and

47 wait for the job to be done. While we were waiting we decided to

48 spend some time playing a game of our football. However, as it was

49 the middle of summer it soon became so hot that we had to stop.

50 We sat on some chairs and ordered a cold drink and had looked

51 at the view. When the man finally he carne, we asked him to

52 finish quickly because we were in a hurry to meet our friends. Even

53 though he worked quickly it still took a few of hours for him

54 to be finish. We could only hope that our friends had not set off

55 without us. We would have to drive quickly to make it up for lost time.

Check your answers here


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