Gap filling, 24

For questions 16-30, read the text below and think of the word which best fits each space. Use only one word in each space. There is an example at the beginning (0). 

Example:   0: and


It was carnival time again. It was time for fun (0) __and__ laughter.  Although I had seen carnival processions on television, I had never taken part in (16) ….. before so I was looking forward to it.

The procession began and we went singing and dancing (17) ….. the street watched by crowds of people. Balloons flew up in the air and everyone was having (18) ….. wonderful time.

Just then I realised that my young brother, who had (19) ….. with me to the procession, was (20) ….. longer with me. I asked one of my friends to help me find him. It was a difficult thing to do because everyone was dressed up and many of them were also wearing masks over their (21) ……

Suddenly, I saw him. I could (22) ….. believe my eyes. He was sitting on the very first float right next to the ‘King of the Carnival’. He (23) ….. smiling and enjoying every minute of it.

I shouted to him (24) ….. because there was (25) …… much noise, he did not hear me at first. I kept (26) ….. shouting until he finally (27) … and waved. I yelled out to (28) ….. that he should wait for me at the end of the street when the (29) ….. was over. He nodded his head (30) ….. agreement and went back to waving and smiling at the crowd.

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