Multiple matching, 19

For questions 1-15, read the text below and decide which answer A, B, Cor D best fits each space. There is an example at the beginning (0). 

0    A ages       B lives   C years   D dates  


This is a place where people of all (0) __A__can come and be entertained and never want to (1) ….. . It is Disneyland, (2)…..  outside Paris, especially (3) ….. to provide the best for Europe and the (4) …… of its new guests. The park is (5) ….. into five areas, each one representing a special theme. (6) ….. in a film, the (7) ….. are taken along through a series of magical sets to relive the past, even (9) ….. visit wonderful faraway places (8) ….. of excitement and fantasy, and into the future. The trees that have been (10) ….. around the park protect the guest from the real world outside.

The resort area, beyond the park, has six hotels to suit the needs of every guest.

In (11) ….. to these six hotels there are campsites and fully equipped caravans for rental. There is no (12) ….. of sporting opportunities and, besides many health clubs in the actual hotels, there is a variety of fascinating nature trails you may (13) ….. to follow. The Disneyland Resort is easily (14) … road or rail. Whichever way you choose to arrive, you will be (15) ….. enough to enjoy all the wonderful things that the park

has to offer.

1 A leave    B go     C depart      D set off 

2 A nearly      B almost        C just          D recently 

3 A composed        Bcreated         C consisted       D placed 

4 A rights        B demands        C consideration       D dealings

5 A shared       B distributed          C calculated         D divided 

6 A Whereas       B Unless        C As if         D Wherever 

7 A staff           B guests            C members        D teams    

8 A full            B crowded           C complete           D packed

9 A look         B go           C run       D turn 

10 A dug       B planted        C grown       D stuck

11 A answer           B reply           C debt         D addition 

12 A supply        B shortage        C amount           D quantity

13 A expect        B hope             C wish       D order

14 A contacted       B arrived         C reached       D entered 

15 A relaxed           B unhurried        C easy       D lazy

Check your answers here


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