Reading, 44

You are going to read an article about a female boxer. Seven sentences have been removed from the article. Choose from the sentences A – H the one which fits each gap 16 – 21. There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use. There is an example at the beginning (0).

A Millions saw Tyson, but now the main event was over, the cameras were switched off and the crowd was going home.

B For the second time that night, Christy is left with only a handful of people to impress.

C As she prowls the ring, arms held high and punching the air, Christy Martin looks like a woman on top of the world.

D Women’s boxing has never been taken very seriously by the almost exclusively male boxing crowd.

E Christy might worry about her teeth getting knocked out.

F Since signing with him two years ago, Christy’s left blows are now worth thousands of dollars.

G “Look,” she says, examining it closely, “I did break my nail.”

H “It does hurt my feelings that I work so hard and I don’t get mentioned,” she says.


The female Tyson

The crowd was jubilant. Mike Tyson had just beaten Buster Mathis Junior in the third round in a cavernous stadium in Philadelphia, as everyone suspected he would. Fox Television had transmitted the fight coast to coast. 0: _A_  This was a pity. They missed the only surprise of the evening.

Dressed in her baby-pink robe, with her greased face and hungry look, Christy Martin pounces into the ring later than scheduled. The straying crowd heading for the exit lingers. Within 144 seconds Christy has floored her opponent. A seasoned ringside photographer shakes his head and says, “She’s something else, isn’t she?” 16: _____ 

Back in the dressing room, she brushes her long hair and worries about her injury of the night. 17: _____ 

Christy is 27 and has been fighting for just five years, yet some consider her to be the Tyson of women’s boxing. And, like Tyson, she’s signed to the prince of all promoters, Don King – the most powerful man in a multi-million dollar sport. 18: _____  I “I’ve gone from fighting $25-a-round club shows to fighting in the best and biggest rings in the boxing world. We spoke to all the promoters, but none of them was interested in having a woman fighter. Now I’m glad because we were available when Don King had time to talk to us. King gives people opportunities and I’m glad he gave me a chance.”

At the press conference after the fight, Christy waits respectfully as Mike Tyson talks to the press. But as soon as he’s finished, they are off. 19: _____  From the stage Don King booms, “Where are you all going? What’s the matter with you guys – are you discriminating?”

Like any professional woman struggling to make it in male territory, Christy gets overlooked. 20: _____ “The other day, Don King was raving about me at a press conference, saying it was the fight of the night. He even gave me a bonus for it. But the next day, there was not one line in the papers to say I’d fought. Journalists are afraid to write about it, but as soon as one of them says, ‘Yes, we rate Christy Martin’, then the rest follow suit.’ Almost on cue, a radio boxing commentator interrupts to congratulate her on the fight.

21: _____ Until Christy came on the scene and Don King got involved, it was dismissed as ‘two women slapping each other about’. But in the cut-andthrust world of boxing, the only thing that counts is a fighter’s ability, and Christy has earned her respect. Mention her name in the after-fight bar and everyone agrees. “I used to say I didn’t want any women fighting in my ring, full stop,” says match-maker Bobby Mitchell, “but I’ll never say it again. Christy Martin shuts mouths and opens eyes.”

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