Reading, 45

You are going to read some information about Star Signs. For questions 22 – 35, choose from the list of Star Signs A – G. Some of the Star Signs may be chosen more than once. When more than one answer is required, these may be given in any order. There is an example at the beginning (0).

People of which si9n(s):

will win a competition?   0:_A_

will receive an invitation?  22: _____

will meet new people?  23: _____

may travel?    24: _____      25: _____

are making plans for college?   26:____     25: ____    26: ____

may change house?     29: _____

are advised to be sincere?   30: _____

will have to look after younger brothers or sisters?  31: _____ 

may run short of money?  32: ____     33: ____

will reorganise their place?    34: ____

are advised not to hurry in love matters?   35: ____


Star Signs


Expect more than one heart-to-heart with dad or a teacher about school plans. New neighbours arrive and you think that it’s cool that they have the same interests as you do. If you are involved in sports, make room on the trophy shelf; victory is yours for the asking. You’ll have many late-night phone conversations with a friend about straightening out the world.

B TAURUS  Letters of loan approvals, scholarships and grants for college are in the mail. Don’t panic if you overhear your folks talk about moving. They won’t get the house on the market till spring. Towards the end of the month that gorgeous guy you met last summer will touch base with you. By the 25th, a friend will confide in you about a relationship that’s on the rocks.


If you are in your last year of high school, you will spend all your free time hunting for a college. Check with your local libraries for available scholarships. If you are not ready for college yet, focus on college-prep classes. With Saturn in Aries, you and your friends will be accepted into the same programmes. Mum may be busy this month, so you’ll have to help take care of the siblings.


Romance is on the upswing, but don’t microwave the affair; let love simmer. With Neptune in Capricorn, your ideals will be very important when Romeo comes along. Unexpected expenses leave your wallet light, and you may have to borrow from a friend. Communication is very important to you, so waiting for news may be frustrating.


Check your wardrobe for a great outfit. You’ll probably be invited to a concert or a play by someone special. Money may be a little tight after the holidays. Your wallet may seem like a revolving door. Saturn in Aries will inspire you to volunteer for a trip connected to school or work. You will finally hear from the college of your choice this month:hooray! A last minute maths quiz will take you by surprise. Offer to tutor someone struggling with the subject.


You will have time to spare at work, so take your homework along. Review your paycheque; there could be an error in your favour. Someone a bit younger than you will express his affection. Let him down gently. Love is in the air, but honesty is the best policy. Tell him that you are interested but want a monogamous relationship. The sun in Capricorn has you rearranging your bedroom furniture. While you’re at it, why not paint something artistic on the walls?


Friends will want to hang out at your house and study with you. There will be a flurry of last-minute get-togethers this month. Is one a surprise party for your mum? The changes you make at the beginning of the month will bring results by the 23rd. Look under the bed for that lost treasure. With Jupiter and Mars in Aquarius, plan on an unexpected trip with friends. You’ll have a blastl .

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