Word formation, 10

For questions 56 – 65, read the text below. Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line. There is an example at the beginning (0).

Example:  0: independence


If Athens is all Greek to you, try visiting in November.

It’s festival time!

Lord Byron, champion of Greek (O) independence, could hardly DEPEND

have imagined it. Today, years after his (56) ….. , 2 mil- DIE

lion of his compatriots, although less (57) ….. , make HERO

the annual (58) ….. to Greece for the ‘Britain and Greece PILGRIM


The (59) ….. Ambassador speaks of the festival as a BRITAIN

(60) ….. of the strong links between the two countries, CELEBRATE

but also as ‘an (61) ….. to those who wish to create INSPIRE

new links,’ a (62) ….. that 2004 and the Athens Olym- REMIND

pies are not too far away. Everything about the festival highlights

the theme of (63) …..  . The commercial exhibition ‘Part- PARTNER

ners in Trade’ will focus on (64)…… goods and ser- INDUSTRY

vices, design, travel and software (65) ….. including DEVELOP 

opportunities for ‘Olympics 2004’.

Check your answers here


4 Responses to “Word formation, 10”

  1. B2.2 – FCE Use of English Part Three – Word formation « under (re)construction Says:

    […] FCE Practice – Word formation (etornauta.wordpress) […]

  2. halidreyyan Says:

    why dont you add the answer key?

  3. Ciga Says:

    56 death
    57 heroic
    58 pilgrimage
    59 British
    60 celebration
    61 inspiration
    62 reminder
    63 partnership
    64 industrialized
    65 development

  4. ana Says:

    a shit

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