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Multiple matching, 20

January 23, 2007

For questions 1 -15, read the text below and decide which answer A, B, C, or D best fits each space, There is an example at the beginning (0).

Example:           0   A While   B  During   C  As   D  Whereas



(0)___A___playing golf in the British Isles not (1) ….. ago, I came (2) ….. a funny sign posted on a seaside golf (3)….. . ‘Gentlemen, please play quickly!’ the sign implored, Three hours is too long for a (4) ……  of golf! Imagine such a claim in America, (5) ….. of the six-hour death matches.

Slow play is strangling our beloved game, What (6) ….. to be an afternoon’s getaway has evolved into an entire day’s (7) ….., and most people can’t (8) …..  to spend a whole day playing golf.

I know more than a few people who have (9) ….. , the game out of frustration: golf, they concluded, just takes too long,

It (10) ….. cheer you up to know that when Jay Larson plays golf he doesn’t take anything like six hours to do it.

In fact, in his last officially (11) ….. round he shot 72 and it took him exactly 39 minutes, 55 seconds. He just plays golf really, really fast.

Larson is (12) ….. N° 1 in the world in Speed Golf. (13) …. known as ‘Extreme Golf’, Speed Golf, like the Olympic Biathlon, is a combination of two pure sports: (14) ….. running and golf. Players (15) ….. in time trials like this: you hit your ball, you run to it, you hit it again, When you’ve completed 18 holes, you’re done.

1   A far      B   long       C   much   D   while  
2   A into    B   across   C   along    D   up  
3   A pitch   B   court    C   field     D   course  
4   A tournament   B play   C   round   D   set  
5   A home   B   house   C   country   D   place  
6   A accustomed   B   should   C   used   D   had  
7   A arrangement   B   commitment   C   pertormance   D   discipline  
8   A afford   B   manage   C   take   D   provide  
9   A gone   B   given   C   jilted   D   quit  
10   A must   B   might   C   ought   D   needs  
11   A counted   B   measured   C   timed   D   dated  
12   A ranked   B   placed   C   ordered   D   positioned  
13   A Pastly   B   Lastly   C   Earlier   D   Formerly  
14   A length   B   distance   C   stamina   D   far  
15   A compete   B   contest   C   struggle   D   race  

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Multiple matching, 19

January 23, 2007

For questions 1-15, read the text below and decide which answer A, B, Cor D best fits each space. There is an example at the beginning (0). 

0    A ages       B lives   C years   D dates  


This is a place where people of all (0) __A__can come and be entertained and never want to (1) ….. . It is Disneyland, (2)…..  outside Paris, especially (3) ….. to provide the best for Europe and the (4) …… of its new guests. The park is (5) ….. into five areas, each one representing a special theme. (6) ….. in a film, the (7) ….. are taken along through a series of magical sets to relive the past, even (9) ….. visit wonderful faraway places (8) ….. of excitement and fantasy, and into the future. The trees that have been (10) ….. around the park protect the guest from the real world outside.

The resort area, beyond the park, has six hotels to suit the needs of every guest.

In (11) ….. to these six hotels there are campsites and fully equipped caravans for rental. There is no (12) ….. of sporting opportunities and, besides many health clubs in the actual hotels, there is a variety of fascinating nature trails you may (13) ….. to follow. The Disneyland Resort is easily (14) … road or rail. Whichever way you choose to arrive, you will be (15) ….. enough to enjoy all the wonderful things that the park

has to offer.

1 A leave    B go     C depart      D set off 

2 A nearly      B almost        C just          D recently 

3 A composed        Bcreated         C consisted       D placed 

4 A rights        B demands        C consideration       D dealings

5 A shared       B distributed          C calculated         D divided 

6 A Whereas       B Unless        C As if         D Wherever 

7 A staff           B guests            C members        D teams    

8 A full            B crowded           C complete           D packed

9 A look         B go           C run       D turn 

10 A dug       B planted        C grown       D stuck

11 A answer           B reply           C debt         D addition 

12 A supply        B shortage        C amount           D quantity

13 A expect        B hope             C wish       D order

14 A contacted       B arrived         C reached       D entered 

15 A relaxed           B unhurried        C easy       D lazy

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Multiple matching, 18

January 21, 2007

For questions 1 – 15, read the text below and decide which answer A, B, C, or D best fits each space. There is an example at the beginning (0).

Example: A primitive   B excessive   C radical   D racial



The most (O) __C__ thing we have ever done is not have a TV in our house. Since 99.1 percent of American (1) ….. cannot make this claim, it may be (2) ….. some interest to know why. Certainly, our (3) …… of a television has created (4)…… curiosity, puzzlement, and anger (5) …… the people we know, and I suspect even more of these (6) ….. behind our backs. ‘If the Wetherells get (7) …… without a TV, why can’t we?’

We did have a television during the first days of our marriage. I remember the dizzy way the (8) ……flickered across the screen. A few days later, after I (9) ….. my senses, we took the set to our local dump, (10) …… hands in satisfaction and have been without one ever (11) …. .

Now that my TV watching days are (12) ….. me, I can afford to be nostalgic towards it all. I remember those nights when the whole family used to sit in the living room watching Ed Sullivan, one (13) ….. light left on in the corner, laughing (14) ….. the comedians before the (15) …… came on. Nevertheless, even warmer and more precious in memory will be these quiet, peaceful years with no TV at all.

1   A housewives   B   households   C   holdalls   D   houseworks  
2   A of                     B   for                 C   at             D   in  
3   A lack                 B   shortage      C   need         D   absence  
4   A large               B big                  C   high          D   great  
5   A among            B   between      C   within       D   inside  
6   A beliefs            B   emotions     C   opinions     D   thoughts  
7   A over               B   on                  C   by             D   away  
8   A images          B   drawings      C   icons         D   movies  
9   Are-established   B   got        C   overcame   D   recovered  
10   A waved         B   tightened   C   moved       D   shook  
11   A since          B   again           C   afterwards   D   before  
12   A past          B   behind        C   over             D   away  
13   A smooth      B   peaceful      C   soft         D   tender  
14   A for            B   at               C   with           D   by  
15   A announcements   B   publications   C   clips   D   commercials  

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Multiple matching, 17

January 20, 2007

For questions 1-15, read the text below and decide which answer A, B, Cor D best fits each space. There is an example at the beginning (0).

Example: 0 A opposite B variable C different D similar


Nowadays, country kitchens are not very (0) different from those in the city.

(1) ….., in the past the differences could easily be (2)  ….. . By

the 1940s most city homes had gas or electric cookers (3) ….. but in the country the farmer’s wife still (4) ….. on a fuel cooker. This gave her more work because she had to (5) ….. at five o’clock in the morning and enter the kitchen with a candle which was always kept (6) ….. . She then removed the ashes from the cooker and got some newspaper and pieces of wood from the box (7) ….. the side of the kitchen door. 

Next, the kettle was filled and put over the fire in (8) ….. to make the first pot of tea of the day. Once this was (9) ….. she made sure she (10) ….. fed the animals (11) ….. the left-overs and then got (12) ….. with breakfast. After breakfast the plates would be (13) ….. and more wood put in the cooker. The only opportunity she had to rest next to the fire was after dinner. This (14) ….. of lighting the cooker was repeated every day. Wood was used in (15) ….. of petrol till the Second World War.

1  A However     B   In spite of     C Because     D Despite  
2  A glimpsed     B noticed        C understood   D made  
3  A bought        B put                C connected   D installed  
4  A baked         B stirred          C boiled          D cooked  
5   A raise        B arise               C rise             D get  
6   A handy       B far                 C obvious      D reachable  
7   A by            B next               C close           D outside  
8   A so far as   B order           C view             D case  
9   A ended       B done            C used up      D fulfilled  

10   A often     B sometimes   C always       D   seldom  
11   A at           B in                  C without       D   on  
12   A down      B   away         C along          D   on  
13   A cleaned   B removed    C washed       D polished  
14   A time       B process       C procession   D progress  
15   A place      B exchange   C favour         D position  

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Multiple matching, 16

January 20, 2007

For questions 1 – 15, read the text below and decide which answer A, B, C, or D best fits each space. There is an example at the beginning (0). Mark your answers on the separate answer sheet.


0   A if      B Unless      C Provided     D Although



(O) …B… you’ve slept through the last decade, you know that protecting the environment is a (1)….. . But when it (2) ….. to beauty products, natural doesn’t always equal pure and doesn’t (3) ….. mean better. Before rushing to the register with your 100 percent green beauty gear, (4) ….. a few things.

According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the (5)  ….. ‘natural’ is used very (6) ….. in the cosmetics world; any company can (7) ….. a product natural. (8) ….. natural products are made from plant-based (as opposed to man-made) ingredients and do not (9) ….. artificial dyes and fragrances. The advantage: plant-based ingredients are renewable (10) ….. that are safer for the environment (11) ….. certain man-made or natural, but highly processed

ones (which can produce toxic (12) ….. during the manufacturing process and be nonbiodegradable). The disadvantage: some natural ingredients,like (13) ……which help keep products germ-free, aren’t as effective as their synthetic counterparts. Since natural ingredients haven’t been (14) ….. as much as man-made ones, you shouldn’t assume ….. they’re gentler (especially if you’re allergy-prone or have (15) ….. skin).

1   A should          B   can         C   must          D   may  
2   A comes          B   arrives   C   reaches      D   refers  
3   A absolutely   B   definitely   C   obligatorily D  necessarily  
4   A consider   B   think   C   consult   D   study  
5   A term   B   definition   C   phrase   D   idea  
6   A freely   B   loosely   C   easily   D   Iiberately  
7   A call   B   name   C   baptise   D   entitle  
8   A Really   B   Truthfully   C   Truly   D   Exactly  
9   A incorporate   B   involve   C   enclose   D   contain  
10   A resources   B   sources   C   essences   D   supplies  
11   A from   B   than   C   of   D   to  
12   A garbage   B   rubbish   C   waste   D   debris  
13   A conservatives   B   preservatives   C   medicines   D   preserves  
14   A examined   B   tried   C   searched   D   tested  
15   A sensitive   B   sensible   C   delicate   D   sensational  

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Multiple matching, 15

January 18, 2007

For questions 1-15, read the text below and decide which answer A, B, Cor D best fits each space. There is an example at the beginning (0).


0 A thought     B tried     C dreamed     D wanted


I have always (0) .. wanted..  to swim the English Channel underwater and as  a former Olympic gold medallist I (1) ….. that I have the training to attempt (2) ….. a swim. The Channel is, I suppose, the Mount Everest of  the swimming world (3) ….. to do it underwater will be an even greater (4) ….. for me. Although many swimmers have (5) ….. the Channel, it will be the first time that a former Olympic gold medallist has ever done it. I am (6) ….. to do it in six to eight hours. I want to (7) ….. money for a number of new charities and I am especially (8) ….. on the charities that protect the world’s seas. I will be swimming  (9) …… the Channel in the summer. In (10) ….. to (11) ….. this out I have to follow a strict exercise programme. A usual training session for me would (12) ….. of thirty minutes in the weight room, thirty minutes doing different exercises and then three hours’ straight swimming. I have to be (13) ….. of my diet so that it is a healthy and balanced one. I will (14) ….. ready to set a record in something that has never been (15) …..before and which someone will have difficulty in breaking.

1   A feel        B   regard       C sense      D propose  
2   A quite     B   so               C rather     D such  
3   A but        B   and           C as well as     D because  
4   A prize     B work          C achievement        D duty  
5   A moved       B passed        C crossed      D run  
6   A forming       B willing        C agreeing      D hoping  
7   A give        B   raise        C save         D contribute  
8   A keen       B   interested        C thinking       D in favour  
9   A through         B   across        C over        D along  
10   A order       B   respect        C time       D regard  

11   A cut           B   check            C clear       D   carry  
12   A have        B   spend         C amount        D   consist  
13   A capable    B conscious   C enthusiastic   D  accustomed  
14   A be          B have              C do             D try  
15   A given        B made           C done         D kept  

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Multiple matching, 14

January 18, 2007

For questions 1 – 15, read the text below and decide which answer A, S, C, or D best fits each space. There is an exam pie at the beginning (0). Mark your answers on the separate answer sheet.


In the 1998 World (0) ..A.. sports fans around the world (1) …..  various battles between (2) ….. football rivals but also between the companies that sponsored them.

Nike sponsored Brazil. Adidas sponsored France. While the teams (3) ….. for the biggest prize in football. the two companies tried to win the biggest battle, the battle of the (4) ….. as 500 million people from 195 countries (5) ….. in to watch the greatest footballers in the world. Afterwards, the sportswear companies’ hope was for people to go out and buy some new kits. Adidas paid $20 million for the privilege of being a(n) (6) ….. sponsor of the 1998 World Cup. and so one might have (7) … would have had the  greatest presence at the (8) …..

Sometimes. however. sponsoring doesn’t (9) ….. the company much good.  Other times. the sponsors’ advertising (10) ….. are very original. Nike has claimed that if sponsors really want to (11) ….. athletes. they can’t turn (12) ….. only for the photo opportunities and the media events and smile and (13) ….. for the cameras. They have to accept the whole (14)….. with its spitting, swearing, sweating and blister-breaking. They just have to (15) …..used to it.

1   A remarked   B   witnessed   C   viewed   D   attended  
2   A brutal         B   savage         C   cruel       D   fierce  
3   A contested   B   competed   C   struggled   D   strove  
4   A brands       B   marks          C   types       D   makes  
5   A adjusted    B   tuned          C   regulated     D   switched  
6   A formal        B   official         C   typical      D   licensed  
7   A accepted    B   attempted   C   assumed    D   confirmed  
8   A round         B   set               C   match        D   tournament  

9   A do               B   make           C   perform      D   carry  
10   A exhibitions   B   campaigns   C   expeditions   D   missions  
11   A strengthen        B   prop        C   support      D   provide  
12   A up              B   in            C   on        D   forward  
13   A stand         B   pose       C   look       D   model  
14   A packet       B   bunch      C   package        D   pile  
15   A be           B   become       C   make        D   get  

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Multiple matching, 13

January 17, 2007

For questions 1-15, read the text below and decide which answer A, B, Cor D best fits each space. There is an example at the beginning (0).


o A bom  B produced   C established  D encouraged



Britain may not have (0) produced a downhill skiing champion, but there is (1) …. one area of the sport in which it is a leader: dry-skiing. As a  (2) …….. of this, more man-made ski slopes are found here than in the rest  of the world. The first dry slope was (3) …… in London thirty-five years ago. Now there are a hundred and fifty slopes in Britain starting from the  (4) ………….. size of 30 metres to one of 471 metres just outside Edinburgh.

The bigger centres (5) …… like golf (6) ……. squash clubs be- cause they offer their members a full (7) of well-organised facilities.

Many people want to (8) …….. the dry-ski centres because they are close to the cities. For those who have never (9) ………  before, they can  (10) ……..  doubt save a lot of time and money by going to one of the centres for beginners. Instructors will go (11) ……. the equipment and teach the (12) ……. skills of skiing. For those that can ski, it is a(n)  (13)  ……… good way of keeping fit and practising new techniques. For many (14) ……. skiers it has (15) ……… a part of their entertainment.

1   A yet                     B still              C then         D already  
2   A development   B conclusion   C proof        D result  
3   A built                  B prepared    C formed     D created  
4   A biggest              B longest       C smallest    D widest  
5   A perform           B instruct       C operate     D conduct  
6   A otherwise         B besides       C either        D   or  
7   A range                B   row           C variety       D   area  
8   A do                      B   use           C go                D find  
9   A skied                 B   skated     C climbed       D hiked  
10   A with                B   in              C without       D of  
11   A to                     B   under       C round         D over  
12 A thorough          B   minimum   C true        D basic  
13 A rarely               B really         C excellent   D seldom  
14 A regular             B reliable      C continuous   D continual  
15 A made                B become      C developed   D achieved  

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Multiple matching, 12

January 16, 2007

For questions 1-15, read the text below and decide which answer A, B, Cor D best fits each space. There is an example at the beginning (0). Example:  

O A  hardly    B nearly    C almost    D completely


Jim Stopford is a man who can (0) hardly read or write, but talks with a great deal (1) ____ feeling for something that he has (2)____  his life to. He gives talks to a (3) ____  number of children every year on lizards, snakes, tortoises, turtles and (4) ____ crocodiles so that they can under- stand what a(n) (5) ____  part of the animal world this species is. He has set (6) ____ a free rescue service where trained people are ready to (7) ____ anyone who has been bitten by a snake. A good number of people have also been trained to catch poisonous snakes. Jim, who (8) ____  in Sydney, goes to many schools giving talks and showing the children his snakes. He (9) ____ the snakes’ habitat, what they eat and how they move. He is now preparing a book (10) ____  this subject. He believes that snakes should be (11) ____ because they are dying out. He (12) ____  believes that if snakes are (13) ____  alone they will not harm anyone. (14) ____ Australia has the greatest number of poisonous snakes on the planet, he has always (15) ____ people to be careful when they see one.  

1   A about   B off   C of   D with  

2   A taken   B given   C seen   D spent  

3   A many   Blot   C much   D large  

4   A surely   B probably   C undoubtedly   D even  

5   A usual   B proper   C important   D specific  

6   A about   B up   C out   Doff  

7   A help   B give   C organise   D provide  

8   A lives   B stays   C settles   D remains  

9   A draws   B shows   C describes   D tells

10 A for        B of           C by           D on

11 A protected          B  cared           C  guaranteed         D favoured

12  A apart from          B also             C too           D besides

13  A departed          B undisturbed          C left            D moved

14  A While             B  Despite             C Although          D Since

15  A advised           B  suggested          C claimed         D explained

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Multiple matching, 11

January 16, 2007

residensea.jpg   For questions 1-15, read the text below and decide which answer A,B,C or D best fits in each space


If your (O)      B……..of heaven is a world where the sun always (1) ………., where the living is luxurious and where the world’s biggest parties take (2)……………..on your doorstep, then take out your cheque – (3)……….. .For £750,000 ($1.2 million) a two-bedroom apartment on the first live-in luxury cruise liner – (4) ……….. calling itself ‘The World’ – can be yours. And if you want to be really flashy, you can fork out £3.3 million for the penthouse suite.ResidenSea, the Norwegian company putting up the £300 million to build this ship in time for its maiden (5)  ……… in the year 2000, has (6)  ….. sold 51 of the 250 apartments, mainly to (7)  ……. – aged Scandinavians, (8)  ……. also to  Americans, Australians and South Americans. (9) ‘The World’ has completed its initial three year-journey, taking in the Northern Lights, the opera (10)  …….. in Rome, the Cannes Film Festival, the Monaco Grand Prix and the Rio Carnival, its residents will vote on where they (11)  …… next.“It (12)  ……… be a democracy,” says Paul Mundy, who is (13)  …… ResidenSea in Britain. “The idea is that the ship will always be in the most desirable places (14)  ……. the most desirable times and the (15)  ……… will vote on where that will be.”

 1   A shines        B  sparkles        C  glitters         D glows

2   A part            B position          C seat                D place

3   A book           B account           C leaflet            D statement

4   A decently     B modestly        C shyly             D plainly

5   A travel         B journey           C voyage          D trip

6   A already      B still                   C yet                D previously

7   A average     B medium           C intermediate  D middle

8   A unless        B but                    C however      D nevertheless

9   A Once          B Since                 C If                  D Immediately

10  A time         B period               C season          D era

11  A sail            B navigate           C embark        D move

12  A might       B can                    C may              D will

13  A symbolising    B representing    C standing    D supporting

14  A at              B in                     C on                  D for

15  A minority     B plurality     C majority       D plenty

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